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No promotions at Makgadikgadi JSS

For the past five years there had been no promotions effected at Makgadikgadi Junior Secondary School and only one promotion at Mosu Primary School, Parliament was told.

Assistant Minister of Basic Education, Mr Thato Kwerepe said the two schools during that period received only teachers transferred from other schools on promotion with the exception of the one mentioned at Mosu Primary School.

He said all recommendations from all schools from the region were considered for promotion including those for Mosu Primary School and Makgadikgadi Junior Secondary teachers, adding that it was important to note that those were promotional posts and competed for across the whole ministry.

Mr Kwerepe explained that eight teachers were transferred to Mosu Primary School during the past years, including three heads of department, one from Gweta, one from Mmaphashalala and one from Lerala Primary School.

A deputy head from Mokgware Primary School and one senior teacher, guidance and counselling, from Boipuso Primary School and two teachers from Retlhatoleng Primary School also joined, he said.

He noted that for the same period, seven teachers were transferred to Makgadikgadi Junior Secondary School, one head of department from Ranonyane Junior Secondary School, five senior teachers, one from Meepong Junior Secondary School for general subjects, one staff development from Swaneng Senior Secondary, three from Rethuseng Junior Secondary School for physical education, science and English and an English teacher from a senior secondary school.

Mr Kwerepe said 18 recommendations were submitted for consideration by Mosu Primary School and seven submitted by Makgadikgadi JSS since 2016, when the ministry started using recommendations for promotions.

In addition, the assistant minister noted that seven teachers were not transferred or promoted from Mosu Primary School and 17 teachers were not transferred or promoted from Makgadikgadi JSS for the past five to 10 years.

The ministry, Mr Kwerepe said, would continue to transfer teachers on an annual basis, however, they might not transfer all overstayed teachers at a go, as it might affect the running of the school, and with regard to promotions, they would continue to identify and promote teachers on the basis of performance.

The MP for Boteti East, Mr Sethomo Lelatisitswe had asked the assistant minister if he was aware that for the past five years no promotions were effected at Mosu Primary School and Makgadikgadi JSS, and that the two schools only received transfers-in on promotion.

The minister was further asked to state why recommendations for promotions of teachers at the said schools was not considered, how many teachers were transferred-in during the past five years and which schools they were transferred from.

MP Lelatisitswe also wanted to know how many recommendations for promotion were made to the region in the past five years, whether there were teachers who had not been transferred or promoted at these schools for the past five to 10 years, and if so, why and when the situation would be addressed. ENDS

Source : BOPA

Author : BOPA

Location : GABORONE

Event : Parliament

Date : Apr 14 Sun,2019


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