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Mater Spei College celebrates success

Mater Spei College celebrated its 2018 BGCSE results in Francistown on April 3.

The mission school scored 39.73 credit pass rate putting it at position two nationally after St Joseph’s College.

The 39.73 per cent translated into 321 pupils, who attained five credits or better according to the Botswana Examination Council standards out of the 808 who sat for the 2018 BGCSE examinations.

Speaking at the ceremony, Orion Guest House manager and a product of Mater Spei College, Mr Jonathan Tawana, explained that transformation from a resource based to a knowledge based economy could only be realised through quality education, which delivered a learner with requisite skills.

He said Mater Spei College never failed to deliver quality leaners armed with quality skills, adding that over the years the school earned its reputation of excellence.

He explained that it was for this reason that the school earned its tag name: The School of Excellence.

Mr Tawana said with the cooperation between the staff and pupils, the school was expected to increase its pass rate from 39 per cent to 60 per cent in the coming years.

He also acknowledged the valuable input by the schools’ Parents Teachers Association (PTA) in funding the victory parties and also for making efforts to reward the achievers under heavyweight arrangements.

He advised the achievers to choose courses looking at the economic needs of the country.

He also advised them to avoid drugs or any behaviour that could destroy their lives.

The school head, Mr Jabulani Munyere, said he was delighted with the results because it was now a tradition in Mater Spei that around this time of the year, the school had to celebrate victory.

He said for Mater Spei College to be doing well was because of the pupils’ self-confidence and self-belief.

He appreciated stakeholders for being supportive in all endeavours, adding that there was a culture of excellence in the school which made it one of the best amongst the best.

For the past five years, Mater Spei College had been constantly attaining position two nationally with the 5A* or better credit pass oscillating between 37 per cent and 40 per cent.

The entrenched culture indicated that in 2014, the school attained an overall 37.38 per cent pass rate while in 2015, the school took position two with a pass rate of 35.55 per cent, it increased its pass rate in 2016 to 40 while in 2017, the school also retained its position with a pass rate of 39.95 per cent. ENDS

Source : BOPA

Author : Thamani Shabani


Event : School Victory Celebration

Date : Apr 07 Sun,2019


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