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UB to impact positively on the lives of communities

University of Botswana Vice Chancellor, Professor David Norris says the university’s mandate is to ensure that whatever they do as an institution has a developmental impact on the communities of Gaborone.

Addressing a full Council meeting on Wednesday, he said UB did not want to be an organisation that was divorced from the needs of the society and it aimed to carry projects that would have an impact positively on the lives the communities.

Professor Norris acknowledged that for a very long time the institution had been carrying on with its business without impacting more positively on the society.

“The reality is that the University of Botswana has played a tremendous role in human capital development and most of you here are alumni of UB, but beyond that for a long time we have not played a vital role that we were supposed to be playing,” he said.

Furthermore, he said their teaching methods and community engagement, research that they do, should address societal challenges and problems.

“We don’t want a situation where by our Professors do research from imaginary situations, closed in their offices and do research that do not address problems of the society, we are saying whatever we do in terms of research should be addressing the challenges faced by the society,” he added.

Professor Norris said most of their researchers and Professors had been doing researches for the purpose of accumulating enough papers so that they can gain promotions, adding that it was imperative that they conducted researches that would address societal challenges.

On other issues, Professor Norris told the Councilors that it was imperative that UB partnered with Gaborone City Council and also ensured that the university was visible to visitors when they arrived in the city.

He said the university had a new faculty of medicine which had so far had three or four graduations of the locally trained doctors.

He said the faculty had Masters and   Postgraduate Doctoral Degree (PHD) programmes and he was happy with the good feedback he had received from different hospital concerning UB medicine graduates.

Last year, he said, the faculty produced the first cohorts of specialist and they would be expanding their programmes in Medicine to train more highly specialised doctors. Ends

Source : BOPA

Author : Anastacia Sibanda

Location : GABORONE

Event : full council meeting

Date : Mar 21 Thu,2019


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