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Roads department OPRCs pilot project in Southern district

A Spanish company, Elsamex, has been awarded the Out-Performance based Road Contracts (OPRCs) aimed at increasing efficiency and effectiveness of road operations in the Southern District.

The OPRCs were aimed at ensuring that the physical conditions of the roads under contract were adequate for the need of road users over the  entire contract period.

This type of contract reportedly expanded role of the private sector, from the simple execution of works to the management and operational responsibilities of road assets together with improvement, rehabilitation, maintenance and emergency works.

The Southern district is accountable for a road network of about 2640km, of which 690km is surfaced and 1950km is unsurfaced. The region comprises all primary, secondary, tertiary and access roads which are covered under OPRCs.

According to Elsamex officials, the projects started in 2016 and would be completed by October 2018.

A report issued by the roads department states that the OPRCs pilot project is implemented in partnership with the World Bank under Botswana Integrated Transport Project (BITP) meant to enhance the efficiency of the transport system.

The report states that the role of the government of Botswana is to manage the BITP in accordance with its obligations to the World Bank as well as its own procedures.

The World Bank carries out regular monitoring of the implementation of BITP in accordance with its procedures.

The roads cover six constituencies namely, Goodhope, Mmathethe/Molapowabojang, Kanye South, Kanye North, Moshupa/Manyana and Jwaneng /Mabutsane.

The project is at 90 percent completion and some of the local contractors have been engaged who after completing the project they have been awarded contract of 10 years to maintain the roads.

The scope of works cover detailed design, improvement works including upgrading to bitumen standard, rehabilitation and maintenance works, access roads within a radius of 10km will be covered where rehabilitation works are carried out in accordance with the access roads policy.

General description of the projects got packages in which package one covers about 52.5km of road to Lotlhakane West kgotla, Kanye internal road, junction to Mmathethe turnoff, Moshana kgotla, Selokolela kgotla, Sesung Kgotla, Moshupa loop road, Moshupa kgotla and Sese kgotla.      

The regional office is based in Kanye and three depots are located at Goodhope, Moshupa and Mabutsane sub districts.

Elsamex contract has employed 250 locals and also they have hired some of machinery from the locals, they have also sub-contracted some of local contractors. ENDS

Source : BOPA

Author : Tshiamiso Mosetlha

Location : KANYE

Event : OPRCs pilot project

Date : Sep 12 Wed,2018


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