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German visit brings hope

The development of a productive human resource capital through effective vocational training could lead to alleviation of unemployment and boost economic prosperity.

This was said by President Mokgweetsi Masisi when welcoming Germany’s Minister for Economic Cooperation and Development, Dr Gerd Muller on August 27.  

President Masisi said a country needed hands-on professionals to develop and thus called on Germany to assist Botswana.

Vocational centres should have trained workers with skills tied to actual projects, he said. 

“It would be nice to have satellite industries so that they don’t lose what they learnt.  Cooperation with Germany in this field could help us improve,” he added.

President Masisi said Dr Muller’s  visit would strengthen Botswana and Germany bilateral relations.  “Our historical past also brought us together although in different ways because Germany has an interesting history,” he said.

After independence, President Masisi said Botswana opened  diplomatic relations with Germany and celebrated when the Berlin wall came down to bring Germans together.

He noted that Germany had assisted Botswana in human resource capital development.

Botswana, he said, also benefitted a lot from Germany in conservation and technology. 

On other issues President Masisi called for close cooperation on solar power generation.

President Masisi said Botswana and Germany shared many ideals and values particularly the propensity to democratic governance systems that abhored terrorism of any kind.

Therefore, he said, part of the fight for peace lay in development.

 “If our people get access to clean, fresh water, access to electricity, do some work, have a reason to exist and their civil liberties are guaranteed and protected. 

There is guarantee that any attempt to radicalize them would fail,” he said.

On youth unemployment and HIV/AIDS, President Masisi said it was a challenge which required internalised self-efficacy.

“The country has an incident rate of about 14 per cent, this can be dealt with,” he stated.

For his part, Dr Muller said he was on a tour of African countries including Mozambique, Botswana, Ethiopia and Ghana.

He said he had seen a new wave of positive changes in African countries on peace and security. The minister said he would meet Chancellor Angela Merkel in Ghana who is seeking to build new partnership with African countries.

“We are talking EU African Treaty and Botswana is always considered to be a symbol of success and a model for African countries. 

Your government has shown that it is possible to be successful economically, human rights and democratic. So you are a political partner for us,” he stated.

The minister proposed that Botswana should join the Compact states to ensure closer cooperation in fields of policy and technology.

On foreign direct investment, Dr Muller said there should be more investment from Germany and explained that he would ensure that Botswana was advertised in Germany or in Europe.

“A lot of German companies are thinking about a new strategy for African countries and there should be Botswana in the center in the fields of production, agro processing and tourism,” he said.ENDS

Source : BOPA

Author : Calviniah Kgautlhe

Location : GABORONE

Event : Germany Minister visit

Date : Aug 27 Mon,2018


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