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WUC engages experts

Water Utilities Corporation (WUC) has engaged experts to restore the carbon and multimedia filters at the Borolong water treatment plant which supply Maun with portable water in an effort to address water challenges in the village.

This followed concerns by some residents who complained about severe water shortage and the colour of the water as they questioned its safety.

The corporation chief executive officer, Mr Mmetla Masire informed the district leadership during a meeting to update them about the water situation in the village that they were working round the clock to improve the situation for the better.

He explained that following concerns of some residents through social media about the colour of the water, they had to temporarily close the plant to replace carbon multimedia which in turn has been affecting the clarity of water.

Furthermore, he explained that the water shortage in Maun has been due to the optimization of the water supply as well as the progressive decline in the efficiency of both the carbon and multimedia filters at the plant.

The filtering media for the sets of filters comprising of the granulated activated carbon and multimedia (sand, anthracite and gravel) as well as the pump for the actiflo and filter vessel  nozzles which all had to be replaced have arrived from South Africa and replacement is ongoing during which the supply  may be interrupted and as such inadequate.

Mr Masire assured leadership that soon things would be back to normal as the experts were working tirelessly to rectify the situation.

Giving a brief history of Maun water situation, he explained that the village had long experienced severe water shortage and the government constructed Borolong water plant with the aim to address the situation.

The plant, he said was commissioned in 2014 and since then, it has been working satisfactorily producing quality portable water. In the process, he said the corporation realised that the plant needed urgent attention as the water kept on changing the colour due to some organisms brought by the Thamalakane River which  are more than tripled the organic loading compromising the dissolved organics and suspended solids that the Borolong Treatment Plant was designed  to treat.

Mr Masire said they had realised that the situation has been worsened by the frequent clogging of the filtering media, which then has to be periodically cleaned and thereby affecting the quantity and reliability of water supply.

 “I am happy now that the things would be back to normal and I can assure the community that the water is safe for drinking despite the colour as it has been tested,” he added.

He maintained that there were no proven direct links to adverse health impacts.

For their part, the leadership appreciated the corporation positive response when there was an outcry by villagers noting that alone was a sign that they do care. They also appreciated the corporation management for engaging leadership.

Kgosi Kealetile Moremi said the situation was out of hand as residents demanded answers from leadership when they experience challenges such as severe water shortage. Ends

Source : BOPA

Author : Esther Mmolai

Location : MAUN

Event : Kgotla Meeting

Date : Jul 12 Thu,2018


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