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Plastic bags ban effects November

The deputy director of Department of Waste Management and Pollution Control (DWMPC) in Francistown Mr Frank Molaletsi has said the banning of plastic carrier bags  will effect on November 1.

Mr Molebatsi explained that the decision was made following several attempts in the past to manage and control pollution of plastic carrier bags in the environment.

Speaking during stakeholder consultation meetings recently, Mr Molebatsi explained that plastics were made of Ethanol and Chlorofloro Carbons which were toxic to the environment and the human health.

He further said animals especially cattle often fed on plastic carrier bags leading to their death.

Mr Molebatsi further explained that those found using plastic bags would be  fined  money not exceeding P5 000 and imprisonment not exceeding 30 days. Ends

Source : BOPA

Author : Matlhogonolo Thukuza


Event : meeting

Date : Jun 05 Tue,2018


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