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Untreated sexually transmitted infections lead to inflammation

Untreated Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs) can lead to inflammation of fallopian tubes, block urethra and cause infertility, says Kanye District Health Management Team senior medical officer, Dr Dick Mpitika.
Speaking in an interview with BOPA, Dr Mpitika said STIs should be treated well in time to avoid pelvic inflammatory disease.
Pelvic inflammatory disease, he said, was characterised by low abdominal pains, yellowish or brownish vaginal discharge in females and urethral discharge in males.
The colour of the discharge depends on the type of bacteria that causes the infection, he explained.
Dr Mpitika listed vaginal discharge as the most common STI in the Kanye sub-region.
He called for the consistent use of condoms and fidelity to avoid transmission of infections and contacting HIV.
Dr Mpitika pointed out that condoms, together with education on correct condom use, were dispensed free of charge at health facilities.
He encouraged Batswana to test regularly for HIV so as to enroll in the Treat All Initiative before their CD4 count dropped.
Expectant mothers were encouraged to know their status during pregnancy so that they could enroll in the Prevention of Mother to Child Transmission (PMTCT) in the event they were HIV positive.
“Generally PMTCT programme is doing well, especially that the main aim is to have fewer babies born with HIV.
We have hiccups here and there where mothers totally refuse to enroll in the programme, but less than one per cent enroll late and end up with HIV positive babies,” said Dr Mpitika.
He encouraged pregnant mothers to register as soon as possible so that all necessary arrangements could be made to ensure delivery of HIV-free babies.
Dr Mpitika said statistics indicated more women than men tested for HIV regularly, saying this led to the spread of HIV as males continued to have sex without knowing their status.
Instead of testing, men go by their partners’ status, which behaviour, he said is detrimental to the fight against HIV/AIDS. ENDS

Source : BOPA

Author : Leteng Nokwane

Location : KANYE

Event : Interview

Date : May 18 Fri,2018


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