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Members gather to celebrate, share, discover

Commonwealth Big Lunch has been described as a great opportunity to appreciate and strengthen the connections between Britain and the wider Commonwealth community.

Speaking at the Commonwealth Big Lunch hosted by the British High Commission, British High Commissioner to Botswana, Ms Katy Ransome said the event was one of many Commonwealth Big Lunches happening across the 53 Commonwealth nations from March 12 until April 22.

Launched by the Eden Project in partnership with the UK government, thousands of people from across the Commonwealth countries are coming together to celebrate, discover and share their Commonwealth links, stories and experiences with one another over a shared meal.

She said lunches were being held ahead of and during the Commonwealth heads of government meeting.

“Unfolding over five days, leaders and foreign ministers from up to 53 countries and over 2 000 delegates gathered in London and Windsor, UK, since yesterday until Friday to discuss and agree how to work together to address shared global challenges,” said Ms Ransome.

The event focused on celebrating UK-Botswana Education and Innovation partnership and it brought together Botswana government officials, members of the diplomatic corps representing Commonwealth countries,

Botswana’s Commonwealth points of light winner, Commonwealth digital campaign influencers and Chevening alumni.

“We are delighted to hold our own Commonwealth Big Lunch. By stopping to share food and conversation, we have had the chance to celebrate and bring our communities closer together,” she said.

Commonwealth Big Lunches were inspired by and built on the Eden Project’s annual Big Lunch, which launched in 2009 as a way to connect people with their communities over a shared meal.

The Big Lunch has since seen millions of people get together, including for the Queen’s jubilee.

Mr Peter Stewart, executive director of the Eden Project said from the Commonwealth day onwards, they had been encouraging people to come together to share friendship, food and fun with people where they live.

“Commonwealth Big Lunches bring people together, show the diversity we all have and importantly celebrate the commonality we all share, which showcases the true spirit of the Commonwealth,” he said.

The Eden Project is an educational charity and social enterprise based in Cornwall, UK, that aims to connect people with one another and the natural world to explore a better future.

Commonwealth Points Light award winner, Ms Gogontlejang Phaladi said it was important for people to strive to be the change that they want in other people’s lives.

“We all need to contribute towards making this world a better place and if everyone of us took on the purpose of making a difference in people’s lives we would be far and better off as a world,” she said. Ends

Source : BOPA

Author : Omphile Ntakhwana

Location : Gaborone

Event : Lunch

Date : Apr 16 Mon,2018


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