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Special learners get sanitary pads

The Department of Social and Community Development (S&CD) in the South East District Council has donated sanitary towels to Ramotswa Junior Secondary School students with hearing impairment.

The sanitary towels were purchased with proceeds from a beauty contest that the department held in Ramotswa over the weekend.

South East District Council community development officer, Ms Makgarebe Nthoiwa said not every girl child was able to have sanitary towels whenever the need arose for various reasons.

“Not being able to afford sanitary products means being exposed to serious risks caused by using dangerous and ineffective replacements,” she said.

Ms Nthoiwa noted that some of the girls had indicated that in some cases they used alternatives such as cloth, toilet papers and newspapers due to lack of affordability, which made them prone to fungal, urinary and reproductive infections.

She added that education on menstruation was vital to building a healthy society, adding that there was need to invest in improving the welfare of the girl child.

Ramotswa Junior Secondary School Girl Child’s Hygiene Project coordinator, Ms Kebotsemang Maswabi said the campaign was started in 2015 as an answer to issues relating to the girl child in terms of sanitary pads, underwear, toiletry as well as education on puberty, personal hygiene, sexual health and pregnancy.

He said most of the girls do not have access to clean and safe sanitary products as in most cases parents were not able to provide.

“Menstruation is supposed to be invisible and silent in order for the girl child not to be subjected to restrictions in their daily lives,” she added.

Ms Maswabi said it had come to the committee members attention that sometimes girls were forced to go for unhygienic means during menstruation which put them at risk of infections.

She added that some learners were forced to miss lessons due to stained uniforms hence she pleaded with the community to help.

Ramotswa Junior Secondary School senior guidance teacher, Mr Michael Modisenyane regretted that there was no budget for sanitary towels yet the girl child needed them.

He said the absence of such a budget put the girl child under discrimination.

The sanitary towels were purchased to a tune of P2 000. Ends

Source : BOPA

Author : Bonang Masolotate

Location : Ramotswa

Event : Donation

Date : Mar 08 Thu,2018


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