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Sowa rail transport resumes

Rail transportation of both soda ash and coal to and from Sowa Town and Morupule mines resumed on March 6 after a week-long delay following the destruction of the railway line at Mosupe lands due to torrential rains.

Botswana Railways chief executive officer, Mr Leonard Makwinja said they had made progress in repairing the damaged area, and that it would be followed by testing the movement of the locomotive.  

He further explained that they had managed to remove all the 16 damaged wagons on the rail lin, and that they had put ballast along the damaged area.

On the challenges they experienced, he noted that accessing the damaged area was a challenge, and that it was compounded by communication problems since the area did not have proper mobile networks.

He said mobilising equipment which they needed to use was also a challenge.  

However, he appreciated the support they got from Botswana Defence Force and Debswana who brought their heavy machinery required for repairs.  

He also acknowledged support from Botash who have been with them on site from the first day of the accident to the end.

Botswana Railways director of business development, Mr Steven Makuke said they had suffered damages amounting to millions of Pula, noting that a single locomotive was worth about P30 million while a wagon was about P1.2 million each. ENDS

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