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Corporate responsibility needs governing law - Rantuana

There is need for a law which will force companies to invest in corporate social responsibility.

Ramotswa Member of Parliament, Samuel Rantuana said this during Team Jonmol Cycling Club meet and greet session in Ramotswa over the weekend, emphasising that the absence of a policy which directs corporate social responsibility in the country hindered the growth of sport as companies contributed as and when they wanted.

 He said companies contributed to their community out of goodwill yet they made profits from the same community, adding that some companies never gave back to the community.

 Rantuana commended Team Jonmol Cycling Club that despite their limitations, they took part in community events and had been ambassadors of the village locally and internationally.

 He also regretted that the country’s roads were not accommodative to cycling hence cyclists were always at risk from motorists.

 He encouraged the cyclists not to despair in their challenges, saying the sport would eventually grow and that they would reap the benefits of their sacrifices.

 Rantuana encouraged Team Jonmol Cycling Club to recruit students into the club, saying  young people were the future of any sport. 

He also cautioned the youth against night life, saying it could derail their dreams.

He added that recruiting from the village should not be problematic as Balete were known for bicycle riding.

“Team Jonmol Cycling Club has made a name for itself locally and internationally as they are a competitive club,” he said.

Team Jonmol Cycling Club chairperson, Karabo Moletsane said they decided to introduce the club to the village leadership in order to lure the community to be part of the club.

“Although it was established almost 10 years ago and has been Ramotswa cycling ambassadors locally and internationally, Team Jonmol Cycling Club was never introduced to the community,” he said

“We want to grow the club so that it belongs to the community,” said Moletsane, who is the cycling club founder.

Botswana Cycling Association treasurer, Karabo Rasenyai said the association helped the club to compete at international level and locally as well as training at international facilities.

He said they also helped some athletes to gain solidary sponsorships and added that Team Jonmol Cycling Club had unearthed talent in Ramotswa.

The Ramotswa based cycling club has 28 members and some of its members have represented Botswana at the Commonwealth Games, Africa Youth Game and other prestigious games. ENDS

Source : BOPA

Author : Bonang Masolotate

Location : RAMOTSWA

Event : Meet and Greet Session

Date : Mar 06 Tue,2018


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