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Dosimetry laboratory gets re-accreditation

Accreditation gives customers confidence that an institution is competent to provide the required services, says Minister of Tertiary Education, Research, Science and Technology, Dr Alfread Madigele.

Speaking at the handover ceremony of the ISO 17025 certificate for the re-accreditation of the National Dosimetry Laboratory (NDL) by SADCAS recently, Dr Madigele said accreditation was a great achievement for any conformity assessment body such as the dosimetry laboratory since it was a formal recognition by an accrediting body for competence in the products or services provided.

The dosimetry laboratory is mandated with the responsibility to provide radiation personnel and radiation monitoring services to occupationally exposed workers as well as the environmental monitoring of ambient radiation levels.

Dr Madigele said the control of occupational radiation exposure through the provision of dosimetry services was an integral part of one of the three main principles on which protection against ionizing radiation was based.

“The evidence of optimisation is that all reasonable efforts are made to reduce doses due to individuals taking into account social and economic factors,” he said. 

Dr Madigele further said the IAEA basic safety standards required the optimisation principle to be applied in the control of occupational exposure in the workplace by the radiation user.

He said the efforts of the users in setting up and implementing a system of radiological protection could be achieved if routine monitoring was carried out.

“The laboratory then comes in to provide the service of measurement of radiation doses absorbed by radiation users, and helps them to ensure that occupational doses are kept as low as reasonably achievable,” he said.

The minister further said it was important to ensure that the measurement results produced by the laboratory were accurate and reliable.

He further said a standard was an important tool that helped all to do things better while at the same time encouraging continual improvement in the provision of products and services offered.

“A standard teaches us that we should continually learn from the quality of service rendered to the last customer so that the next customer will receive an even better service,” he said.

Dr Madigele also said accreditation was not an end in itself as the hardwork of maintaining its status lied ahead.

“We must work even harder to ensure that the efforts which were invested in attaining this accreditation are sustained,” he said. 

The Southern African Development Community Accreditation Service (SADCAS) CEO, Ms Maureen Mutasa said through accreditation, the national laboratory has been re-granted the unique accreditation number test-70001, indicating that it was accredited to the scope of radiation dosimetry testing.

She said radiation dosimetry was key in areas of health physics and radiation protection as it involved the measurement, calculation and assessment of the iodizing radiation dose absorbed by the human body. ENDS

Source : BOPA

Author : Tiroyaone Ramooki

Location : GABORONE

Event : Certification Ceremony

Date : Mar 05 Mon,2018


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