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Okavango DHMT faces low drug supply

The Okavango District Health Management Team is challenged with the shortage of drugs at its health facilities.

Speaking at the Okavango Sub-district council recently, chairperson, Mr Mbahahauka Kambimba said the DHMT has experienced low supply from the Central Medical Stores and an influx to private suppliers which also caused inconsistency and long lead time.

Currently, drug average availability in the Okavango DHMT stands at 80.6 per cent for vital medicines, 67.3 per cent for essential medicines and 43.6 per cent for necessary medicines.

As for the hospital, the average availability is 89.3 per cent for vital medicines, 76.6 per cent for essential medicines and 52 per cent for necessary medicines.

The district average availability is 84.6 per cent for vital medication, 72 per cent for essential while for necessary is 45.3 per cent.

Still on health issues, Mr Kambimba said the DHMT was still facing critical shortage of midwives, noting that the Beetsha Clinic did not have a midwife although it had a maternity wing.

He said 14 midwives were transferred from the district in January 2017 with no replacement while two retired between September and November 2017.

Another two contracts are said to have ended without renewal, leaving the district with a deficit of 18 midwives.

“Most clinics are running with one midwife each and when they break for leave there is a challenge of relief,” said Mr Kambimba. Furthermore, the council chairperson said the Xakao doctor was transferred to Kweneng East last year with no replacement, while another doctor from the district was being transferred to Kweneng East with no replacement.

He also said the maternity wing at Xakao Clinic needed re-wiring since the old wiring was found to be substandard while the generator needed the installation of an automatic switch.

The chairperson said the wiring would be done in the coming financial year since funds had been exhausted. 

Meanwhile, the X-ray machine in the district that has been down for a long time has been repaired and is now working.

Mr Kambimba said the DHMT borrowed an ultra sound machine from a sister department in Kasane.

He also noted that the radiographer’s contract had been renewed, adding that Okavango would also be having another radiographer on relief basis from Charleshill DHMT. ENDS

Source : BOPA

Author : Kabo Keaketswe

Location : GUMARE

Event : Sub-Council Meeting

Date : Mar 05 Mon,2018


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