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Kgathi implores graduates to venture into business

Students pursuing criminal justice studies have been implored to consider venturing into business given the challenge of high unemployment rates that the country is besieged with.

Minister of Defence, Justice and Security, Mr Shaw Kgathi noted at a University of Botswana (UB) Criminal Justice Society seminar on March 2 that several opportunities in the provision of private security services as contained in the Private Security Act existed and could be pursued by graduates of the programme.

“These opportunities should go beyond the normal provision of security services, to more advanced and innovative initiatives leveraging technology to enhance service delivery in that field.  Opportunities in private detective or investigator roles, criminal rehabilitation, crime scene investigator, DNA analyst, court interpreter or recorder and many other opportunities can be explored,” he observed.

Mr Kgathi said it was heartwarming that some Bachelor of Criminal Justice graduates had been employed in the Botswana Police Service, Botswana Defence Force, commercial banks, Debswana and insurance companies; a sign that the Botswana job market was now warming up to the profession.

Urging them to expand their career scope beyond the public service, he noted that some of the graduates could explore opportunities by enrolling in post graduate studies in Risk Management which would provide a rare combination of knowledge to make them an employee of choice.

“You should consider yourselves fortunate to be pursuing a specialized and more practical legal field in this era of terrorism, human trafficking, drug trafficking, economic crime, public corruption, cyber-crime, to name but a few sophisticated crimes,” he said.

Much more encouraging, he added, was the fact that his ministry had gone steps ahead in enacting laws such as the Anti-Human Trafficking Act, Cyber Crime Act,

Extradition Act and the Mutual Legal Assistance in Criminal Matters Act, among others. The laws, he highlighted, were meant to address newer forms of crimes in the country.

Mr Kgathi said currently his ministry was working on several laws including those on the prohibition of biological and toxin weapons, nuclear and chemical weapons, as well as laws on the control of illicit drugs.

The minister also urged graduates of the course to consider making use of youth empowerment initiatives; an area that he said to date remained one of the key priority areas for government.

On a different note, the minister pointed out that Batswana were concerned about the occurrences in recent months in which accused persons out on bail continued to re-offend.

“The voice of citizens regarding this matter is now rising in protest against bail and protracted delays our criminal justice system. Some have even proposed extreme constitutional amendments of presuming accused persons innocent until they prove themselves innocent,” he stated.

Earlier when welcoming participants to the seminar the UB Student Representative Council president Mr Oteng Eleck noted that by virtue of being part of the society, everyone was affected by the country’s criminal justice system.

Mr Eleck similarly raised concern that of late public perception on the criminal justice system had turned negative.

This, he said was evidenced by occurrences of mob justice that he observed were happening often.

Mr Eleck said there was therefore need to join hands to restore the confidence of Batswana on the country’s criminal justice system.

The seminar was held to raise awareness on the UB criminal justice programme and to further discuss Botswana’s criminal justice system, policies and how best they could be reviewed and implemented. ENDS

Source : BOPA

Author : Keonee Kealeboga

Location : GABORONE

Event : Criminal Justice Society Seminar

Date : Mar 05 Mon,2018


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