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Rennies foreign exchange launches world currency card

Assistant Minister of Investment, Trade and Industry, Mr Biggie Butale has applauded Rennies Foreign Exchange Botswana for coming up with “a  smart and safe alternative” to carrying cash when travelling.  

Speaking at the launch of the world multi-currency card recently, Mr Butale expressed delight at the launch of the card, noting that currency prepaid cards were a great way to have access to foreign currency without the need to carry cash.

He said prepaid currency cards were the safest way to access cash in foreign exchange rates, and expressed optimism that the card would  benefit Batswana as there was  no element of borrowing when it came to using a pre-paid currency card, and that no one would be subjected to any credit checks.

Furthermore, the head of world currency card travel solutions at Bidvest Bank, Ms Joey Van Rensburg said unlike using a credit or debit card, carrying money on the prepaid world currency card controlled ones’ overseas spending and separated travel money from primary credit and bank accounts.

“Pre-paid cards consistently offer great foreign exchange rates and are available to everyone.

So, not only could you get more euros and dollars for your local currency, but you can also make sure you do not go overboard on your holiday budget,” she said.

She noted that another benefit of the pre-paid currency card, which was likely to appeal to many people considering the current economic climate, was the exchange rates they offered.

She added that it was possible to get a better exchange rate on a pre-paid card than by changing cash.

World currency cards, she said, offered better exchange rates for loading currencies than buying foreign currency as cash could be loaded with foreign currency at locked-in exchange rates.

She noted that they were immune to the fluctuation of currency in the market.

She also said currency cards were more secure than carrying cash as they came with a chip and pin technology for safeguarding the money, noting that in case the card got lost or stolen, it could  be blocked or frozen immediately.

Ms Van Rensburg also noted that world currency cards were universally recognised and accepted, unlike traveller’s cheques which have become an outdated payment instrument.

She noted that the world currency card could be used to withdraw money from any ATM when abroad. ENDS

Source : BOPA

Author : Thato Mosinyi

Location : GABORONE

Event : World Multi-currency Card Launch

Date : Mar 04 Sun,2018


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