Sunday May 20,2018
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Francistown City Council passes adjusted budget

Francistown City Council has passed the adjusted tentative budget for the 2018/19 financial year as requested by the Ministry of Local Government and Rural Development.

The city council had proposed a budget of close to P228 million, and adjustments have been given to the council to ensure that the proposals conformed with the tentative ceilings as advised by the ministry.

The adjustments made now stand at P223 million and the RSG standing at P180 million.

During her presentation of the budget adjustments, the chairperson of the finance committee, Ms Zibanani Benifield explained that the maintenance of street and traffic lights as well as relief for the destitute had not been adjusted.

“These changes, however, did not affect the council’s priorities, but only aligned them to national priorities,” she added.

She noted that the same emphasis for budget execution still remained prudent financial administration, improved collection of arrears to revenue, continued pursuit of new revenue streams as well as improved project management and procurement.

Earlier in her welcome remarks, Francistown mayor, Ms Sylvia Muzila explained that it was necessary for the special full council to convene, as it allowed the city council to come up with final allocations which would be submitted to the ongoing Parliament for approval.

She added that it was upon members of the council to ensure that the budget met the needs of the city of Francistown in the next financial year.

Specially elected councillor, Mr Peter Ngoma suggested that the city council should request other council’s budgets in order to find out whether they over budgeted or under budgeted when they proposed a budget, adding that Francistown was the second city and therefore should be amongst councils that were awarded more money. ENDS

Source : BOPA

Author : Amanda David


Event : Council Meeting

Date : Feb 08 Thu,2018


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