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‘No funds budgeted for BCL retrenchment packages ‘

Assistant Minister of Health and Wellness, Mr Dikgang Makgalemelesays there has never been funds budgeted for by government to pay 12 months retrenchment packages for BCL employees.

Answering a question in Parliament on behalf of the Minister of Mineral Resources, Green Technology and Energy Security, Mr Makgalemelesaid there had never been such an agreement entered into between the management of BCL, employees and government.

He said government only provided funding for the liquidation process which included terminal benefits for employees entitled under liquidation and the running cost for liquidation.

“Government acquired the employee claims whereby each employee ceded their claim to government in return for payment.

The former employees signed compromise agreements that ceded any claims they had against the estate and whose terms stipulated that payment made was in full and final settlement of all their claims against the estate,” he said.

Mr Makgalemele said funds made available by government were made towards financing the BCL liquidation which in essence were used to pay terminal benefits and running costs of liquidation.

He said no funds were diverted from financing the BCL liquidation.

Mr Makgalemele further said government provided psycho social assistance to employees through professionals in the area.

“After the liquidation of the mine there were four teams of 20 social workers who were deployed to specifically deal with those affected.

Former employees and their family members who wish to access psycho social services continue to be assisted through existing government programmes,” said Mr Makgalemele.

Member of Parliament for Gaborone North, Mr Haskins Nkaigwa wanted to know what happened to the funds that were budgeted for by government to pay former BCL employees the 12 months retrenchment packages as initially agreed between management, employees and government.

He also asked how such funds were utilised, what informed government’s decision to divert such funds from the initial plan and what was being done by government to offer counselling services to such employees. ENDS

Source : BOPA

Author : BOPA

Location : GABORONE

Event : Parliament

Date : Feb 07 Wed,2018


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