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Kgomotso sets eyes on perfumery

Ms Kgomotso Sedimo landed on fire when she initially planned to evade a frying pan. 

This, she reveals whilst sitting on the opposite end of the table, now radiating confidence and beaming with smiles at the prospects of success in her business following a journey that can be best described as the greatest rewarding falls.

First she leaves her salaried job as a lecturer at Lobatse Institute of Health Sciences to pursue her dream of running own business.

The world of business batters her and she concedes it is really tough. 

She asks for her post back but, is turned down. Now, with own business as the only avenue to liberate herself, she is ignited by the nudge to commit, persevere and persist in order to realize her dreams of a perfume manufacturing business.

Like a crawler, she falls a couple times before she could stand up straight.

She goes to the then Ministry of Youth, Sport and Culture to solicit funding for her project.

Three times she is turned down. She basically crashes against a brick wall. She falls and collects herself.

 As she heads to the exit door of the ministry offices it dawns on her that there were other avenues to embark on in the interim. Despite being turned down a couple times, the 32 year old presses on unabated.

In the interim, whilst pressing on with the YDF she opened tutorial classes from standard four to the last class of Botswana General Certificate in Secondary Education (from five) to raise some funds which eventually augment the YDF to realise her perfume manufacturing project, a project she deems viable on many grounds. 

At its birth, the tutorial project existed as an interim measure to bankroll the perfume manufacturing project upon which shall close when the latter takes off but, as things are, Ms Sedimo says, prospects of closing the classes permanently are non-existent since the projects has proven to be an interest amongst many. She even contemplates opening a branch in Gaborone. 

It was in the fourth time of asking that Ms Sedimo got a nod when her application for Youth Development Fund was approved and got funded to the tune of P97 000 November last year.

She is of the opinion that her tale is one to inspire some unemployed youth to persevere whilst committing to the cause they have chosen.

Ms Sedimo, the managing director Keren Happuch comes to BOPA offices dressed in maroon skinny jeans, slim white shirt bearing her company logo. 

She is the type that smells good and lets hair fling from all sides, stretching to her shoulders and sometimes covering her face. She is in the perfume industry and she looks the part. 

After all, she targets the upmarket  that can afford perfumes in the excess of P1 000, for now. She sees this clientele as versatile and appreciative of finer scents and aroma. 

However, she reveals that she will, with time, descend to the lower echelons to cater for everyone in the market.

 Ms Sedimo is committed to seeing the project take off and blossom because she is of conviction that fragrances are a basic and daily need. 

Besides fragrances being a daily need, Ms Sedimo believes that her perfumery will be the first of its kind locally and therefore have great chance of viability. 

She argues that many businesses import readymade perfumes. As a competitive edge she says, consumers will be availed an opportunity to order for retail, place personalised orders as per their taste and specifications. 

Tipped to start operations late January or early February, the entrepreneur is hard at work procuring all the raw material from South Africa despite not fitting the perfection she yearns for.

A perfectionist she sounds, Ms Sedimo wants the best packaging for her products as she is alive to the competition she is facing. 

Buoyed by her Masters in Analytical Chemistry the outspoken Ms Sedimo is adamant that she will provide irresistible scents that will catch the attention of her target with utmost ease. 

In fact she says she intends to fuse some elements like local aroma and scents devoid in big brands perfumes.

 At the moment she has an online store but would distribute to various retail shops upon requisition. ENDS

Source : BOPA

Author : Manowe Motsaathebe

Location : SEROWE

Event : Interview

Date : Feb 04 Sun,2018


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