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Mahalapye queen motivates pupils

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Miss Mahalapye 2017 has urged pupils at Parwe Junior Secondary School to nurture their talent and focus on school work in order to achieve their dreams. 

Despite challenges, Lona Baipoledi also encouraged pupils to work hard.

A high performer who completed her Junior Certificate at the same school last year, attaining an A grade, believes that the young people of Mahalapye have the potential to give the village a positive identity.

“I am determined to make a positive name for the school and the village, she said at the school on Friday, appealing to fellow pupils to work hard as the burden of hope of a positive future is on their shoulders.

Baipoledi said the youth in Mahalapye were associated with negative acts such as crime, drugs and alcohol, therefore appealing to the youth to support her dream of turning the village into a location admired by many and full of opportunities. 

The 16-year-old added that during her reign as Miss Mahalapye, she was determined to make a meaningful contribution to the lives of young people. 

Baipoledi further stated that even though some of the children were faced with challenges of coming from less privileged backgrounds and faced with other social ills, they were not deterred to make a breakthrough into a positive future.

The deputy school head, Moleri Makuku described Baipoledi as a living testimony that hard work pays, more so that she is a former student of Parwe JSS. 

He however, added that even though Baipoledi performed well, the overall results of the school were below par, having achieved 37 per cent pass rate.

"I am concerned by the results and therefore appeal to current Form III students to focus on improving from last year’s performance," he added. 

Makuku said despite nurturing her other talent through beauty contest, Baipoledi worked hard to achieve her desired academic results. 

The formula to success is hard work, he added.

Meanwhile, the organiser of Miss Mahalapye pageant, Gaonyafale Phuti said the pageant was aimed at giving the village an appearance that would be admired by many. 

Phuti said the youth had a responsibility to sell the beauty that is Mahalapye to the entire world by doing away with all the negatives that currently tarnish its image. 

She said engaging young people through such positive activities gave them a platform to retrospect and focus on the future of Mahalapye. 

The pageant has been running for the past three years and being appreciated by the community as a whole, therefore Phuti was optimistic that the desired results are being realised as witnessed by the positive academic results of the current and past crown bearers.

“We want to unite the community of Mahalapye and fight all the social ills which are currently of serious concern such as crime, alcohol and drug abuse.”

Through the annual pageant, she said the girl child was given an opportunity to stand tall, be exemplary to young people by encouraging them to cultivate their talents, work hard academically and uphold positive behaviour in the society. 

“Our beauty is serving a purpose as it is used to appeal for a positive change in the society and encourages young people to work hard at school,” she added. 

“Our aim is to brand Mahalapye positively.” ENDS

Source : BOPA

Author : Moshe Galeragwe

Location : MAHALAPYE

Event : School Visit

Date : Feb 04 Sun,2018


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