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Qabo men venture into carpentry

 In an attempt to revive the spirit of self-reliance, government initiatives have been availed for Batswana.
Such initiatives include Poverty Eradication Programme, Youth Development Fund (YDF) and the Gender Affairs Programme.

Meanwhile, some Batswana are coming forth to benefit from these initiatives across each district.

From Ghanzi District in a village called Qabo, six men have ventured into carpentry business through the assistance of the Poverty Eradication Programme.

In an interview, Mr Kabo Lengwane, the company chairperson noted that they fought hard as a group to come up with the project that could benefit them.

Mr Lengwane said they received P20 000 from the Poverty Eradication Programme which they used to buy raw materials and machinery for their business.

He noted that they operated as Kebotshelo Carpentry and that they manufactured coffins, wardrobes, drawers, tables and several other items.

He revealed that being involved in the project had brought him positive transformation, citing that he was no longer a burden to his children.

He said although they worked as a group, he was happy that there was mutual cooperation and that they were always able to resolve their differences amicably.

“The commitment and hard work we have shown as a company has helped us to have a partnership with government, as they buy coffins from us and individuals who visit to buy our products,” he said.

Mr Lengwane noted that they currently operate from a rented space at the Local Enterprise Authority premises, and that the rental bill was not costly.
“Profits generated are saved for hard times and there are some monthly allowance which is given to each member from the profits made,” he said.

He cited that they had shortage of working space and challenges of coffin handles as they bought them in South Africa and took long to be delivered.

He noted that several expositions they had attended had given them exposure which helped their business to get recognition and boosted their sales.

He said as the group, it had helped them to grow as they shared ideas which made them to grow.

Mr Lengwane advised other youth to never give up and strive to make the best out of government initiatives.Ends

Source : BOPA

Author : Patricia Bakang

Location : GABORONE

Event : Interview

Date : Feb 01 Thu,2018


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