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Mod encourages artists to up their game

Local stand-up comedian, Modiri ‘Mod’ Keseabetswe has encouraged upcoming performing and visual artists to grow their talents.

He made the comments during the arts capacity building seminar at Tlokweng on January 30.

He said it was important for the artists to learn and develop their talents, adding that any talent without skills would not be meaningful.

 “Change your talent to become a skill. God has given you a talent, work on it to become a skill,” added the 2008 winner of the President’s Day competitions in the comedy category. Mod encouraged artists to brand and market their product.  

He stated that there were a lot of avenues to develop talents, but cautioned that any growth comes with challenges.

Ministry Of Youth Empowerment Sport And Culture Development principal programmes officer, Thato Motswakwa said the ministry existed to promote and advocate for artists.

Motswakwa stated that they help through capacitating the artists so that they could graduate from seeing the constituency arts competitions and President’s day competitions as their sole source of income. “We have talented artists whose talent cannot sustain their lives, as there is no change in their   lives. We want to see growth,’ she stated.  She said competitions were not profit orientated but were aimed at giving the artists a platform to showcase their talents and build their profiles.  

However, she regretted that despite the existing efforts to reach out to artists in Tlokweng, their participation in constituency arts competitions and President’s day competitions was not satisfactory.

Further, she noted that women in the constituency were not satisfactorily partaking in the competitions, which was a concern.

 Also, she noted that some Tlokweng residents register outside their constituency while many were not keen to participate in the competitions.

The artists, however complained about the standard of judging and opined that the ministry should approach association to provide judges.Others noted that the competitions did not attract enough audience and they advised the ministry to devise ways to sell the constituency arts competitions to the public.
They also stated that the prize money was not motivating ans should be revised. The meeting was an effort by the ministry to reach out to the performing and visual artists. ENDS

Source : BOPA

Author : Bonang Masolotate

Location : RAMOTSWA

Event : seminar

Date : Jan 31 Wed,2018


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