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Monday Feb 19,2018
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Umbrella welcomes new members

 The Umbrella for Democratic Change (UDC) has welcomed 65 new members into its fold over the weekend.

Welcoming the new members during a rally held in Lokgwabe, Botswana National Front deputy leader, Reverend Dr Prince Dibeela said his party would penetrate Kgalagadi North to lure more followers.

He said they were approaching what would be the most fiercely contested national elections in 2019. He urged all party members to take part by being well organised and disciplined.

He also implored constituents to work hard to ensure that they reclaim their constituency from the ruling party by voting for Mr Phillip Khwae.

Rev Dr Dibeela further commended Kgalagadi North residents for selecting a committee that would steer party duties in their constituency.

He urged the constituency committee not to lose focus on the responsibilities that come with being part of a government in waiting.

“You should take yourself seriously and treat your responsibilities to the party with commitment,” he said.

On a different note, the deputy leader said the ruling party has left many citizens in abject poverty despite Botswana being a middle income country.

He added that corruption has also escalated.

He said the BDP has failed citizens in terms of job creation and that they initiated unsustainable programmes such as Ipelegeng.

Rev Dibeela said the BDP has also failed citizens by closing different organisations in the likes of BCL and the Rural Industries Innovation Centre (RIIC).

He implored constituents to vote wisely in the next coming general elections to safeguard their lives.

Another speaker, Member of Parliament for Kanye South, Mr Abram Kesupile called on Kgalagadi North constituents to vote for their prospective candidate. He described him as the rightful candidate to represent the constituency.

He said the constituency was grappling in terms of economic development and that it needed a vocal representative.

For his part, Member of Parliament for Ghanzi North, Mr Noah Salakae also implored constituents to vote competent candidates who were conversant with constituency issues.

He said Kgalagadi constituents were challenged when it came to grazing land as their region was surrounded by wildlife management areas.

For his part, Marulamantsi ward councillor in Gaborone Bonnington South, Mr Sergeant Kgosietsile advised constituents to vote for opposition parties instead of the BDP.

Source : BOPA

Author : Malebogo Lekula

Location : LOKGWABE

Event : UDC Welcoming new members

Date : Jan 30 Tue,2018


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