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Hail storm hits Kanye

When the news team approached her homestead, Ms Thonika Tsuaneng’s mind was racing in a thousand different directions, trying to figure out where she would get the next penny to reconstruct her six-roomed ‘castle’ house destroyed by a hail storm Tuesday afternoon.

The loss had clearly taken a toll on her body and soul. She was so numb with shock that food, clothes and some household valuables were still soaked in the rain water streaming inside the four walls which until Tuesday, were her house. When BOPA visited house yesterday, three wet school certificates were also visible on top of a table, left to dry up after being retrieved from the water.

The storm had blown away P30 000 worth of rafters, metal sheets and threw them onto the road behind the yard, leaving her close knit family in so  dire a state of helplessness as perhaps that of free range chicks without a mother in  so wicked a world where only the strong survive.

Her two daughters, with two newborn babies, she later shared with a tinge of despair, were yesterday evacuated to their grandmother’s place to shelter them for the night. Though also helpless, they had come back, one with a child held against her bosom, to see what had remained of the house they once called home.

Apparently, situations have always conspired to prevent her from becoming a proud mother. Proud to stay in a house built for her with love by her children, which is every right thinking child’s wish. She said soon after completion they realised that the roofing was defective and was thus removed and consequently redone at a cost. This time, if her children none with a decent employment, according to her, do get the money to piece it together again, it would be for the third time. Fearful but patient in tribulations, she said the situation would pass.

However, Ms Tsuaneng was most of all thankful that her family escaped unharmed. By the time of going to press, help had only come in the form of a big tent, which was not big enough to shelter her property and family though.

In some areas around Kanye, especially Dilolwe and Mahikana wards, residents went for two nights without power supply after the storm.
Meanwhile, area Member of Parliament, Mr Patrick Ralotsia was set to visit the affected families Thursday morning. Ends

Source : BOPA

Author : Topo Monngakgotla

Location : KANYE

Event : Interview

Date : Dec 29 Fri,2017


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