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Chairperson applauds land board

Ngwaketse Land Board members and staff have been applauded for showing dedication in executing their duties.

Speaking during the chairperson ball recently in Kanye, chairperson, Mr Mosimanegape Mophuting said members’ responsibility demanded that they put aside their interests and prioritise land issues. He said they have been able to familiarise themselves with land statutory instruments to ensure efficiency and fairness.

Members, he said, ensured fair and equitable allocation of land at all times, noting that by accepting to serve the nation as land board members, they had limited some of their rights and freedoms.

Mr Mophuting said the manner in which they conducted themselves during and outside their working hours was commensurate with the responsibility bestowed upon them. He said members did not prioritise their interests when allocating land, but rather government’s key areas such as affirmative action and poverty eradication.

Mr Mophuting said the land board held performance awards ceremony in August, where 37 employees were recognised for their performance and acknowledged for contributing towards the board’s mission and vision.

He said land boards front desks were manned by people who were conversant with the operations of the board and assisted customers effectively. He applauded members for having started the term with the desired energy levels and focus and reminded them they were entrusted with strategic decision-making for the land board to succeed and in turn contribute positively to the socio-economic development of the country.

Mr Mophuting said land was a finite and very important resource that was always in demand, hence vulnerable to undesirable acts of fraud and corruption, sometimes due to unresolved inheritance issues, land speculation, abandoned plots and allocation of plots on un-serviced land.

He said they had corruption prevention committees and anti-corruption policy both geared towards combating fraud and corruption and ensuring that employees had sufficient knowledge on anti-corruption drive.

He appreciated members collaboration in implementing the mandate of the land board, as they moved towards their strategic aspiration of Sustainable Human Settlements. ENDS

Source : BOPA

Author : Tshiamiso Mosetlha

Location : KANYE

Event : Chairperson Ball

Date : Dec 21 Thu,2017


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