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Lingela kicks way to podium

The just ended Botswana Games saw yet another addition to the elite karatekas.

The hard kicking Mothusi Lingela of Chobe District proved to be unstoppable when it comes to real fighting, otherwise known as kumite in karate.

Inspired by Jackie Chan in Chinese movies, Mothusi worked hard to become the number one karateka.

The Mawashi Geri karateka explained that he used to watch Chinese movies in his maiden years and developed the love for karate. Lingela said he aimed to join the national team in two years time, adding that hard work and dedication would make his dream come true.

He said despite his performance he was challenged by lack of funding for transport to participate in other tournaments. 

Apart from being a karateka, Lingela said he wanted to be a pilot given his aptitude in mathematics and science.

The 18-year-old, who is under the tutelage of Andrew Musokobanji and Motsamai Otsile, walked away with two medals. He won gold in the individual kumite and bronze in individual kata in the just ended Botswana Games.

In an interview BOKA sport development officer, China Metswi said Lingela had improved a lot in the just ended competitions as compared to the BISA 2017 tournament where he only walked away with a bronze medal for individual kata.

Metswi described Lingela as a creative and tactical individual who was fast and clam. He also noted that his height gave him an advantage.

 Metswi explained that Lingela was able to score easy points at his lower positions, noting that his fast reaction made him easily escape fists and kicks from his opponents.

Metswi said Lingela under performed in kata during the games, adding that the athlete needed more coaching and exposure to tournaments so that he remains in top condition.

He said Lingela started the tournament slow but that he improved as the games progressed. 

Andrew said he watched him develop into a better karateka at a tender age under the Re Ba Bona Ha programme.

Andrew pointed out that given time and enough training, Lingela would develop into a record breaking karateka.

Lingela showed his potential at the JKA open held in Francistown, as he walked away with a gold medal in the individual kumite and silver in kata while his team also won the kata and also won silver at the Japanese Open in the individual kumite. ENDS

Source : BOPA

Author : Irene Kgakgamatso 

Location : GABORONE

Event : Botswana Games

Date : Dec 20 Wed,2017


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