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Ralotsia praises public servants for team spirit

Minister of Agricultural Development and Food Security, Mr Patrick Ralotsia has urged public servants in the Southern District to continue with the spirit of togetherness and thanked them for their participation in the development of the district.

Speaking at the Southern District Council chairman’s ball in Kanye recently, Mr Ralotsia said the purpose of the occasion was to acknowledge the public servants for the efforts and achievements they had attained in 2017.

He also said the aim was not only to celebrate, but also to discuss relevant issues that affected the district.

The minister said they worked together by putting aside political differences.

He said they assisted members of the communities fairly and equally, adding that they were also self-propelled.

The council chairperson, Mr Alec Seametso recognised all stakeholders, councillors and public servants that had contributed positively towards social development through economic empowerment projects.

Mr Seametso further acknowledged government officials for their efforts in implementing government projects and programmes such as the construction of destitute houses, maintenance of government facilities, implementation of poverty eradication and Ipelegeng programmes.

He urged the business community to come up with other economic activities geared towards addressing developmental challenges such as poverty, unemployment and dependency on government alone.

He said government, through Southern District Council, was implementing Local Economic Development programme.
The chairperson further said they had maintained the roads in the district that were eroded by the recent Dineo cyclone floods. He also stated that the district had finished most of the projects through ESP.

He stated that the district council acquired P16 million to continue maintaining roads.

He called upon all the stakeholders to continue supporting the council in its endeavours to uplift people’s lives. Ends

Source : BOPA

Author : Tshiamiso Mosetlha

Location : KANYE

Event : Southern District Council chairmanís ball

Date : Dec 07 Thu,2017


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