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32 graduate from Motse wa Badiri

There is need to empower people living with disabilities to enable them to participate in the country’s socio-economic spectrum of industries.

Speaking during the third graduation ceremony of Camphill Community Trust’s Motse wa Badiri Training at Otse recently, Ba Isago University Faculty of Law dean, Mr Lizo Ngcongco said there was need to recognise the talent, achievements and abilities that children living with disabilities had.

It is obligatory to empower people living with disabilities with skills and competencies relevant to the needs of the industry, Mr Ngcongco stated.

He said the contribution that the disability education sub sector, spearheaded by non-governmental organisations could and were building the human resource in Botswana.

Nonetheless, he said significant challenges still remained in the provision of education for learners with disability.

Mr Ngcongco said Botswana must create a highly educated and skilled population to manage the emerging economy and create wealth.

Further, he encouraged the management of Camphill Community Trust to continue responding to the evolving educational dynamics for people living with disabilities.

He also encouraged graduates to continue working hard and striving for vocational, professional and personal excellence.

Camphill Community Trust director, Mr Andreas Groth said the school provided graduates with skills to prepare them for life outside the school, adding that there were 32 class of 2017 graduates.

Mr Groth said the graduates were empowered to go into the society and play a part since they were taught to speak for themselves and make the right choices without being forced into anything they did not want.

He said the determination and hard work of staff members and teachers played a big role in the success of the graduates.

Motse wa Badiri Training is part of Camphill Community Development Trust and offers vocational education and training to individuals with learning, intellectual and physical disabilities.

The ceremony was held under the theme, Building an Inclusive Society for People of All Abilities. BOPA

Source : BOPA

Author : Gogontle Sanka

Location : Otse

Event : Graduation ceremony

Date : Dec 06 Wed,2017


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