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Govt to finalise BOTASA document

President Lt Gen. Dr Seretse Khama Ian Khama has on Tuesday promised Botswana Tribal Administration Association (BOTASA) members that their scheme of service, which has ‘dragged far too long’, would be finalised before he leaves office on March 31 next year.

President Khama said when officially opening the 22nd annual general BOTASA conference in Kanye under the theme; Self Introspection: The Gateway to Result Oriented Organisation.”

“I’m very disappointed that it took such a long time for your Scheme of Service to get finalised, but I promise you that before I leave office, I will task your permanent secretary and DPSM director to finalise this issue. I will give them a deadline,” he said.

President Khama was reacting to BOTASA president, Kgosi George Thwane of Artesia, who had requested for the Tribal Administration (TA) scheme of service to be finalised speedily.

President Khama also revealed  that government would fund the department better in the next financial year, regreting that it had been neglected over the years.

He said government had already started increasing the department’s fleet and building staff accommodation units through the Economic Stimulus Package.

“Tomorrow we are discussing the 2018/19 budget and we will see to it that we continue with that programme,” he said.

President Khama said Bogosi institution remained critical in the nation’s governance and encouraged Batswana to support it for the promotion of good governance, Botho, community mobilisation for development, preservation of culture and social cohesion.

Dr Khama said Batswana looked up to Bogosi to sustain the good track that the country had demonstrated through the pioneers of the institution in pursuit of peace, stability, unity and nation building.

“The institution is the foundation on which Bogosi is anchored, there will be no justice at grassroots level without Bogosi and therefore the institution still remains relevant,” he said.

President Khama further shared that Vision 2036 also recognised the important role of Bogosi in the establishment of the nation.

He said government would continue to review the powers of Dikgosi to align them with emerging needs on issues of community development and management of public affairs.

“In fact, in an endeavour to enhance the powers of Dikgosi, government has approved a review of Bogosi Act, an exercise that is nearing completion,” he shared.

President Khama also revealed that government had constructed 30 Customary

Court offices across the country to improve the working conditions of public officers and avail resources.

He said government would also continue providing computers and internet connectivity annually within the limits of the budget availed to the Ministry of Local Government and Rural Development (MLGRD).

President Khama explained that personal development of staff and capacitation of Dikgosi would remain central to government's commitment to improve staff welfare and enhance performance.

To this end, he said government through MLGRD continued arranging short term training for dikgosi nationwide.

Similarly, he said TA staff would undergo short and medium term training on various aspects of administration.

He said preparations were underway to offer employees long term training at Diploma and Degree level, which he said would facilitate progression for those who were taking long in one position on account of lack of requisite qualifications.

“Government employees are critical in the delivery of services  and should continue to strive for improved performance, customer service and demonstrate professional behaviour and conduct. Remember that there is no them and us, that is, the public service and the rest of our citizens. Public officers are part of our customers as well. You too receive service from your colleagues, so do your parents, relatives and friends. What service you provide is for them as well as yourselves and many others. We are in this together, your productivity and efficiency will benefit all including yourselves in this regard,” he said.

Meanwhile, the  President hared that government was committed to budget for 665 positions of headmen of arbitration for the 2018/19 financial year.

Kgosi Thwane had also complained that TA, although one of the oldest departments in the country, lagged behind in terms of staff welfare issues.

He argued that the department played a pivotal role in maintaining peace and order in the country and pleaded that it be placed at par with other local authorities.

Kgosi Thwane called for the implementation of the Pelonomi Venson-Moitoi Commission of 2003, which he said could change the department for the better.

Kgosi Malope II in his welcome remarks earlier had requested that every new office be accompanied by staff houses to address shortage of accommodation.

Kgosi Malope II also shared that out of 52 offices in the Southern District only six had been connected to the internet, which he said hampered service delivery. Nonetheless, he thanked government for constructing new offices through ESP.

For his part, Minister of Agricultural Development and Food Security, also Member of Parliament for Kanye North, Mr Patrick Ralotsia thanked President Khama for having led the nation creditably and his desire to change the lives of Batswana. ENDS

Source : BOPA

Author : Topo Monngakgotla

Location : KANYE

Event : BOTASA Conference

Date : Dec 06 Wed,2017


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