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Harmonise environmental protection - Lelatisitswe

Despite the challenges of solid waste management, it is vital to harmonise environmental protection by formulating long-term solutions to harness solid waste across Letlhakane and Boteti Sub-district.

Member of Parliament for Boteti East, Mr Sethomo Lelatisitswe said during a cleaning and waste management campaign by Phepa Cleaning and Department of Waste Management recently.

Mr Lelatisitswe said the increasing industrialisation and fast growth of population did not only pose problems related to allocation of resources and power, but also severely challenged natural environment.

“Environmental degaradation such as contaminated water, uncollected full refuse bins, unhealthy soils and polluted air had become a harsh reality in many parts of Letlhakane,” he said. He noted that he believed in protection, conservation and preservation as well as using and enjoying as much as stewarding natural environment.

Mr Lelatisitswe stated that each and every individual had a duty to make the world a safer and cleaner place, saying it was crucial to work in joint cooperation to make Letlhakane clean and green.

He indicated that for the vision to be achieved and have a successful campaign, there was need for all stakeholders to be on board to achieve a coordinated and integrated approach among departments, other spheres of government, civic society and community at large.

He explained that waste segregation accumulation became a challenging aspect in the world today, citing that volume of waste generated in the world today surpassed government’s capacity to manage it effectively.

Mr Lelatisitswe stated that services related to waste management became inadequate and unavailable as evidenced by proliferation of permanent waste piles and dumping activities in industrial and commercial residential areas.

The campaign by Phepa Cleaning, he said sought to minimise waste that needed to be disposed in centralised landfills, thus extending landfill capacity, reduce environmental impact of disposal sites and refuse bins. ENDS

Source : BOPA

Author : Thandy Tebogo


Event : Clean-up Campaign

Date : Dec 06 Wed,2017


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