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Minister regrets suspension

Minister of Nationality, Immigration and Gender Affairs, Mr Edwin Batshu has regretted the decision by his ministry to suspend  Gender Affairs Funding due to misuse and exhaustion of funds allocated to the programme.

Speaking during a kgotla meeting in Mochudi  on Thursday, Minister Batshu said the decision was prompted by the abuse of programme by some individuals, thus contravening the programme intended  purpose.

He said the initial arrangement was to assist people who had formed groups,  but the situation got out of control after several funding were made to individuals with the hope to reduce disagreement issues  among group members.

Mr Batshu, also the Member for Parliament (MP) for Nkange, stated that the conduct prompted decision to review the programme through strategies that would best serve those who  were serious to start up businesses.

The minister on other issues briefed Mochudi residents about some revised Acts within the ministry such as Births and Deaths, Marriage Acts Married Persons’ Property Act, Change of Names and Citizenship among others.

He warned against change of names, stating that alterations in official documents such as the National Identity and Passports were prohibited by law.

Minister Batshu further made emphasis over registration of Births and Deaths, saying the requirement was important for statistics to inform the  planning processes.

Further, Minister Batshu said dual citizenship should be denounced after attaining the age of 21, saying that children whose parents were not both Batswana were required to act within 60 days to avoid completely being disqualified.  

Meanwhile, Mochudi East Member of Parliament, Mr  Gilbert Mangole stressed the need to intensify education on Married Persons’ Property Act to make people aware and understand the importance of it and how it could benefit families.

“Let us understand that marriages under community of property is more risky than out of community of property, especially for business individuals,” he advised.

He said individuals were constantly falling under traps to loose properties that could have been saved by one of the partners under the arrangement of out of community of property.

Mr Kobedi Ntswetswe challenged for action by district commissioner’s to improve the abandoned pool houses while staff accommodation remained a challenge in the district.  

Kgosi Segale pleaded with the ministry to consider consultation with bogosi over individuals granted citizenship in respective areas, arguing that it was improper to grant citizenships to individuals staying within the community without consultation with its leadership. BOPA

Source : BOPA

Author : Kebaeditse Baitlotli

Location : MOCHUDI

Event : Kgotla meeting

Date : Dec 05 Tue,2017


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