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ICT plays crucial role in all sectors

Permanent Secretary to the President, Mr Carter Morupisi says Information Communication Technology (ICT) plays a crucial role in the era of rapid development.

He said this during the Mascom and BoFinet eSchools connectivity launch at Peleng West Primary School in Lobatse recently.

He noted that ICT’s use and implementation were imperative in all sectors especially that of education sector.

He stated that the eSchools connectivity project by Mascom and BoFinet was a big enabler to the government education policy in preparing Batswana for the transition to a knowledgeable society.

Mr Morupisi also said the initiative was in line with the national ICT policy; Maitlamo which identified that for transformation to happen across the various sectors, effective use of ICT would be the greatest enabler.

Furthermore, he said the project addressed issues of access, equity and improvement of the quality of education in view of the vastness of the country, and the economic challenge that government faced in investing adequately in ICT.

“The eSchools project will transform the education system for the learner and the teacher as well as open new avenues of learning which are not limited to the classroom,” he said.

He said the project would offer new options in research and blended learning for delivery and new opportunities for in-service teacher training support.

“The eSchools project is a significant opportunity as it has attractive prospects to improve student achievement, improve access to schooling, increase inefficiencies and reduce costs and enhance student’s ability to learn and promote their lifelong learning,” he noted

Through the partnership, Mr Morupisi said Mascom used its existing infrastructure to provide connectivity to individual schools while BoFinet provided the required bandwidth to cater for the project.

Government, through the then Ministry of Education and Skills Development and Ministry of Local Government and Rural Development, provided a mobile lab with smart devices or tablets to schools.

He said government also committed to training teachers in ICT and further employ IT graduate interns to support the schools.

“Out of 541 targeted schools, 466 have been connected with Internet through the Mascom BoFinet partnership,” Mr Morupisi said, adding that all 13 schools in Lobatse have been connected which eight were primary and four junior schools and one senior school.  

The partnership, Mr Morupisi said, should become the benchmark for many organisations to emulate in future initiatives aimed at the betterment of society and the future of the youth.

Mascom CEO, Mr Jose Couceiro said as the country’s leading telecommunications service provider, it was their responsibility to raise awareness of the opportunities that the use of the Internet and ICT could bring to Batswana.

Mr Couceiro said the increased use of ICT could transform the lives of ordinary people by bridging the urban digital divide.

“We invest significantly in the areas of ICT development to create an enabling environment for Batswana. As a telecommunications operator, the use of ICT is naturally at the core of our corporate social responsibility,” he said.

With their main objective being to bridge the digital divide and take ICT services closer to communities in rural areas, Mr Couceiro said Mascom made a commitment to improving the lives of young people by investing over P25 million and establishing more Kitsong centres around Botswana.

He indicated that to date, a total of 105 Kitsong centres in 105 villages in Botswana had been established; adding that every year his company was committed to establishing at least 10 new Mascom Kitsong centres. ENDS

Source : BOPA

Author : Ketshepile More

Location : LOBATSE

Event : Launch

Date : Dec 05 Tue,2017


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