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Botswana liberation participant - Masisi

Vice President, Mr Mokgweetsi Masisi says Botswana is a distinguished liberation participant.

Mr Masisi said this at the groundbreaking ceremony of the Fish Keitseng monument construction in Lobatse on October 27 that Batswana had every right to claim being liberation participant.

He explained that during the apartheid era, Botswana did not rely on weapons because she did not have arms; instead the country chose to use the arms of their brains.

He said that was why in 1962 when the African National Congress (ANC) in South Africa was banned, they chose Botswana as a place to meet for their conference.

He applauded the sacrifice and commitment that Batswana did for the South African liberation struggle.

He indicated that Botswana Democratic Party was in agreement that the people of South Africa be liberated.

He commended the Keitseng family for having sacrificed their home and family for the liberation struggle.

Nevertheless, Mr Masisi noted that other families should also be recognised and commended for the role they played in providing refuge for political stalwarts.

He implored both Batswana and South Africans especially the youth to have knowledge of their history as well as connection of the two countries.

He indicated that Lobatse and Peleng had never got the recognition they deserved for the role the town played in the liberation struggle of South Africa.

He however said the Fish Keitseng monument is momentous, and pivotal to the liberation of Southern Africa; stressing that Botswana is a liberator as well as the BDP.

He said upon the attainment of independence, the BDP-led government used the instruments of power to support the liberation with BDP policies and ideologies. 

Therefore he said BDP is a liberation movement par excellence.

Furthermore, the Vice President indicated that Lobatse has always been a metropolis town where executive decisions of countries were taken.

He said the sacrifice and determination displayed by Batswana who were willing to give their lives for the liberation struggle should be considered when discussing issues of trade, industrialisation and custom union.

He said as Botswana, they expect a riveting shift in the way that the South African government relates to Botswana and her people on such issues.  

For his part, Leader of South African delegation who at some point sought refuge in Botswana, Mr Billy Masetlha said the intent to build the monument was for the preservation of the history and appreciation to the people of Botswana for the role they played in the liberation struggle.

Mr Masetlha noted that Lobatse is their ancestral and spiritual home in all sorts of ways especially the Fish Keitseng home, saying besides the 1962 ANC Lobatse conference, it is also where international strategy was decided.

He commended Batswana and said the people of Botswana should be proud of their contribution to the liberation struggle. ENDS

Source : BOPA

Author : Ketshepile More

Location : LOBATSE

Event : Fish Keitseng Monument Groundbreaking Ceremony

Date : Oct 30 Mon,2017


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