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DISS sets record straight

The Directorate has observed in the last week a trend in the local media of a return to publishing lies about the DISS after a lull following the exposure of their malicious intent in the so-called “Tholana Borethe” scam.

In the latest story, following those of The Voice and Mmegi newspapers, the Sunday Standard headlines its weekend edition with falsehoods in a story titled “Inside how DISS captured President Khama” published on 22 October, 2017.

It is not surprising that editors and reporters of the Sunday Standard newspaper would not want to be left behind or outdone by anyone in milking what has now become a favourite cash-cow and pastime for local media houses - feeding the public with lies about the DISS.

The Sunday Standard “news article” contains a number of false and misleading allegations.

The Directorate hereby state for the record that;

•    There is no elaborate DISS black propaganda operation employed to influence President Khama’s decisions as alleged by the Sunday Standard newspaper.

This is a clear case of hallucination on the part of the author of this story and his/her editor(s).

•    The Directorate never commissioned or employed a Jerry Chitube to author fake intelligence reports for it.

The Directorate does not need and has never needed such services from Chitube or any outsider because it has in its staff professionals who are capable of carrying out all the work that the Directorate is required to do in accordance with the provisions of the Intelligence and Security Services Act 2007.

The so-called Chitube reports that the Sunday Standard is claiming to be in possession of are bogus documents manufactured by the newspaper and its collaborators.

These reports are obviously in the same mould as the bogus “Tholana Borethe” document which caused a local media feeding frenzy in the recent past.

•    The DISS does not settle scores in the conduct of its work as alleged by the Sunday Standard reporter. The DISS conducts its work without fear, favour or prejudice in accordance with the above cited Act.

As it has been stated before, anybody who is or feels aggrieved by the actions of the Directorate and its employees, is at liberty to report the matter to the police who are obliged to investigate or lodge his/her complaint with the Registrar of the High Court.

In conclusion, the DIS wishes to remind members of the public that, even though the lies and falsehoods published by local media houses are a repetition or regurgitation of old false allegations, not deserving of a response, the Directorate feels compelled to speak up as its silence might be construed in some quarters as an affirmation of the malicious media/newspaper reports published in local newspapers. BGCIS

Source : BGCIS

Author : BGCIS

Location : GABORONE

Event : Rebuttal

Date : Oct 24 Tue,2017


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