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Moipisi encourages plot registration

Assistant minister of Land Management, Water and Sanitation Services, Mr Itumeleng Moipisi has implored residents to register their plots, the exercise that he said will assist to improve efficiency in land administration in Botswana.

Addressing Hukuntsi  and Lehututu residents during kgotla meetings on Monday, Mr Moipisi said the land registration will allow land boards to know which land had been allocated to who and for what purposes, so that land that had not been allocated could be identified for future purposes.

On that note, he said recently Parliament has passed Deeds Registry Amendment Bill through which people were expected to register their plots to acquire new certificates that served as title deeds. He said the deeds registration process had improved since Landboard furnish deeds registry with the required information unlike in the past where people experienced the complexities of applying for title deeds.

He said new certificates would allow them to seek assistance from financial institutions without any hurdles.

He added that the amendment also allowed married couple to have equal say when it came to selling their plots.

Furthermore, he said Tribal Land Bill was also passed and requested plot owners to comply with land registration requirements to avoid penalties.

He emphasised that to avoid inconvenience, plot owners were expected to register their plots at any Landboard offices around the country. Moreover, he discouraged people from selling land to foreigners, but where one sold a plot to a foreigner, they were expected to first advertise on the newspapers to allow other citizen to buy and later provide proof that citizens had not shown interest.

“Under such circumstances, the application will only be permitted by the minister, but still that will be after thorough investigations,” he said.

Mr Moipisi also said compensations to plot owners who were to move for certain developments would be compensated based on the market price. Moreover, he informed residents about the National Registration Bill and encouraged those who have surpassed 16 years to apply for national Identity Cards without having to make an affidavit. He said it has come to their attention that some people failed to acquire Omang on time, due to various reasons and now the Omang office was allowed to assist such people.

He also encouraged bereaved families to surrender the deceased Identity Cards to Omang office to avoid them end up being used on criminal activities.

On other issues, Mr Moipisi decried the deteriorating academic performance in the constituency and encouraged all the stakeholders to join hands and address the situation.

He also said government was working round the clock to sustain education in the country as BOCODOL has been transformed into an open university, the move that he said saved government a lot of money.

He said Kang branch would offer other students who failed to reach other tertiary institutions the opportunity to undertake their preferred courses with ease.

He added that even the serving public officers would have the opportunity to further their studies without having to relocate to cities and other big villages.

For his part, assistant deputy Sub- land board secretary, Mr Ditshebo Seabelo said  LAPCAS exercise achieved 95 per cent and they were still working hard to cover the remaining five per cent.

Mr Seabelo also said they had a waiting list of about 2 664 for residential plots and 1 759 for ploughing fields, 30 plots allocated to youth and 21 business plots that were still awaiting to be tendered for.

In terms of revenue collection, he said they were owed about P5 million service levies, but they had managed to collect only P209 000 from defaulters.

He encouraged people to come forward and settle their outstanding debts to avoid stiff penalties.

Meanwhile, Kgosi Merapelo of Hukuntsi complained that the plan for destitute houses was not accommodative to larger families. He also complained of lack of shortage of water and delay in the construction of Matsheng roads.

Hukuntsi VDC representative, Mr Masilo Stoffel, decried  the delay of the P10 million constituency projects, decentralisation of Gender Affairs office  which has resulted in applicants encountering a lot of problems to seek assistance from Tsabong.

He called for increase of VDC sitting allowance.

Meanwhile, Lehututu residents complained about dilapidated asbestos houses, poor maintenance of schools, lack of accommodation for teachers, dumping site, shortage of rental defaulters and tender irregularities.

In his response, Mr Moipisi said water situation in the area was not satisfying, but there were temporary measures put in place to improve the situation.

He said some boreholes were identified, adding however that there were problems of  low yields and efforts were being made to arrest the situation.

He also said Kgalagadi North Water master plan has been funded with P100m to better the water situation in the area. 

He said the P100m project would draw water from Matlhoaphududuhu and distribute it across Kgalagadi North villages.

As for sporting facilities, he said government was in the process of constructing sporting facilities across the country.

For her part, Hukuntsi Sub-council chairperson, Ms Goratwamang Tlhage said the destitute houses had been changed from two and half size to two-roomed house because the budget had been reduced as they used to get P130 000 and it dropped to P120 000 and now they were operating with a budget of P85 000 that forced them to build two-roomed houses.

Senior assistant council secretary, Mr Joseph Banyatsang said demolition of asbestos houses posed a health hazard to communities, but noted that the demolition process required high expertise which will attract high expenditure.

He said the council was working round the clock to seek other alternatives to address the problem..

On maintenance of school classrooms, he said they were only given P200 000 to maintain 17 schools, but funds got depleted. He noted that they would continue to maintain with the little that they had. ENDS

Source : BOPA

Author : Malebogo Lekula

Location : HUKUNTSI

Event : Kgotla meeting

Date : Oct 12 Thu,2017


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