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IEC does not block candidates

(In response to article in Mmegi of Tuesday 26th September, 2017

It is our (IEC) responsibility to ensure that the provisions of the electoral law are complied with by all of those participating in the electoral processes including prospective candidates.  

It is expected of everyone wishing to contest any election to familiarise themselves with the requirement of the law and to comply at all times.

It is the responsibility of each and every one to familiarise themselves with the requirement of the law for them to be successful in submitting their names for nomination.

Section 150 of the Electoral Act stipulates clearly our responsibility in ensuring that registration of voting symbols and colours does not bring any conflict between political parties or candidates.

Election officials implement the section without prejudice to ensure total adherence by election contestants.

We contacted the candidate before BCP wrote to us and advised her that we could not approve the initial symbol because the colour used was the same as the one in our database registered by another political party.

We accordingly advised her to alter the colour which she humbly complied and the symbol was accordingly endorsed and registered.

The approval of the symbol and its registration meant that any subsequent by-election material produced must comply with the registered symbols and colours for the candidates.

There was no way that we could have introduced any symbol, colour or both which did not form part of the voting colour or symbol of each candidate as described on the nomination paper.

Nonetheless, any candidate who decides to use any other colour or symbol not registered with IEC by any political party do so at their own volition and IEC would not be held liable for any outcome of such conduct.

It is our responsibility to offer advice to any candidate or political party where necessary, and this should not be interpreted as blocking anybody from taking part in the electoral process.

Public Relations Office
Independent Electoral Commission
Telephone: 3612400

Source : BOPA

Author : IEC

Location : Gaborone

Event : Rebuttal

Date : Oct 04 Wed,2017


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