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Transport, communication ministry sets record straight

 The Ministry of Transport and Communications (MTC) wishes correct the news article carried by Weekend Post Newspaper dated Saturday 16-22 September 2017, titled Zakhem pits Mokaila’s Ministry against PPADB, AG’s Chambers.

The MTC has provided detailed information in order to provide the correct perspective:

1. It is a fact that the approximately P440m Charles-Hill to Ncojane Road Project is behind schedule, and is the subject of on-going discussions to get things back on track towards its 36-month target completion schedule.

This contract, as other duties falling under our ministry are the subject of recent and on-going briefs to the relevant parliamentary portfolio committee, among other public –interest stakeholders.

2. At time of the publication of the article The Permanent Secretary, in this ministry, had, neither sought nor declined any advice from either or both of the Attorney General (AG) of Botswana and the Public Procurement and Asset Disposal Board (PPADB) regarding the management of the underlying project.

3. Regarding the status of the on-going consultations between the ministry and those employed in the project: it was not true that PS had been scheduled to return and report to the parliamentary committee, this week.

That was also confirmed by the Chairman (Honourable Rantuana) of the Committee who was also unaware of any such arrangement.

Prevailing fact was that the Accounting Officer (accompanied by other officials), and the Committee would meet at a later stage, but certainly after site trips, which will take place through the week beginning 25 September.

4. MTC advised that the aim of the meeting(s) would be to adduce further appreciation of where projects, generally, are; as well as to evaluate and see what corrective action can be implemented towards improving overall delivery of this and other projects.

The PS pointed that: an unacceptably high number of our projects, over the years, had not met time-completion and budgetary targets - further that this was something, which MTC was concerned about and, actively, seeking to turn around, sooner rather than later.

In this respect MTC, appreciated the interaction with the Committee; as well as any stakeholder whose intervention or contribution can aid the Ministry towards better performance.

5. In the context of 4, above MTC is continuously engaging with the primary players being the contractors, the consultants and staff; as well as communities and enabling entities like the PPADB, the relevant local authorities, etc., in order to optimise efficiencies and delivery.

Accordingly, MTC advised that the thrust of our conversations, and engagement would focus on three (3) key elements: being timely completion of projects, cost-effective (achievement of the desired quality at the lowest possible cost) delivery, and creation of employment (directly or and indirectly) through such development projects.

The Ministry has to ensure that employment efforts, in particular, are not undermined by any tardiness, which leads to avoidable suspensions of works contracts etc.

For further information kindly contact Public Relations on 361 2004 or email omokowe@gov.bw. ENDS

Source : MTC

Author : BOPA

Location : GABORONE

Event : Press Release

Date : Sep 24 Sun,2017


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