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Friday Jul 21,2017
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BDP leadership appreciate revival of party structures

Botswana Democratic Party chairperson of BOMASE region has commended the visit by President Lt Gen. Dr Seretse Khama Ian Khama and party chairman, Mr Mokgweetsi Masisi, saying it revived party structures in the region.

Speaking in an interview after President Khama and Vice President Masisi held a closed door meeting with party members of the Bobonong, Mmadinare and Selibe Phikwe (BOMASE) region in Bobonong on Friday, Mr Thatayaone Segona said the visit was to appreciate party structures’ progress.

He said after the 2014 general elections, party structures collapsed and that President Khama made a commitment after the Mmadinare congress that he would tour regions to check progress.

Mr Segona said in the last two years some party structures were non-functional, but that since the party leadership engaged in a revival drive, the structures in the BOMASE region were up and running.

Mr Segona stated that the structures were intact except one which was facing challenges and that the party would resolve it.

Besides the revival of BDP structures in the region, he said members also discussed issues of registration, explaining that the party was overhauling its registration system.

He said members would be issued with new membership cards, and that the Bobonong and Mmadinare constituencies were far ahead in terms of registration.

Bobonong has registered 4 500 people while Mmadinare constituency has registered 3 660 party members, he stated.

The party, he said, was also in a recruitment mode. He added that they were confident that the party would win all the four constituencies in the BOMASE region in the next general elections in 2019.

The chairman noted that in the 2014 general elections the BDP won the Mmadinare constituency with a landslide, but lost Selibe Phikwe West to Botswana Congress Party. He added that they won other constituencies with marginal victories which called for more work to be done.

Mr Segona stated that in marginal constituencies, they intended to persuade members to have a consensus candidate because the party has realised that primary elections were doing more damage than good to the party.

In the meeting, he said President Khama emphasised discipline and unity among democrats, saying divisions were dwindling the fortunes of the party.

Mr Segona, who is also a specially elected councillor for Sefhophe ward, said the party chairman, Mr Masisi also urged party members to demonstrate the value of botho and to continue to work together. He said he also urged them not to let issues such as internal elections to divide them.

The party also welcomed new members from the opposition Botswana Congress Party, including the former councillor for Rasetimela ward, Mr Abel Madome. BOPA

Source : BOPA

Author : Goratileone Kgwadu

Location : Bobonong

Event : Interview

Date : Jun 18 Sun,2017


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