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Project to assist family

President Lieutenant General Dr Seretse Khama Ian Khama has pleaded with the beneficiary of 50 poultry layers project to look after the project in order to feed her family.

President Khama made the  plea in Borotsi on Friday at the handing over ceremony of the poultry layers project from the managing director of The Agri-Shop Mr Vlado Rubezic.

The project was handed over to Ms Ditshwanelo Jack who has eight children. President Khama also donated some clothes and other items to the family.

Mr Rubezic said that they looked after people because they had a social responsibility which they put their energy into.

He said it was not the first time that they donated a poultry layers project. He said there were about 700 similar projects in the country and 350 of them were funded by the Agri-Shop.

He said the feedback that they got about the projects that they funded was positive and people were happy about them.   

He said that he was optimistic that the project would provide income to Ms Jack’s family .

Mr Rubezic said that the 50 poultry layers will lay 48 eggs in a single day and will give Ms Jack P1200 to P1400 per month. He also said the layers will consume 6 kilogrammes of chicken feed on a daily basis. He said the project might look small but it was a good start.

He however said that he was delighted to have given President Khama a poultry layers project to donate to one of the villagers in Borotsi.

The beneficiary of the project Ms Jack said that she was happy to have received a poultry layers project from President Khama. He promised that she will look after the project in order to uplift her life. BOPA

Source : BOPA

Author : Portia Rapitsenyane

Location : Borotsi

Event : Handover ceremony

Date : Jun 18 Sun,2017


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