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Pastors pray for Trans-Kalahari Highway

Jwaneng Road Safety Committee in conjunction with Minister’s Fraternal have networked with different stakeholders to pray for A2 Trans-Kalahari Highway (Jwaneng-Kanye road) which is prone to accidents.

Vicars took to a prayer session recently from Moatle-Sese junction to seek divine intervention on Trans-Kalahari Highway which is beleaguered by accidents.

Speaking at the prayer session Kgosi Basimanyana Dinyake of Moatle-Sesung, expressed gratitude to organisers of the event for choosing to pray against road accidents that continued to claim lives.

He also expressed optimism that the prayer session would help people to walk in the path of righteousness; therefore bringing God into the scene whenever they faced challenges and God would see them through.

One of the pastors at the event, Pastor Mosimanegape Tshwenyana gave a comforting shoulder to all those who were victims of road accidents of A2 road.

Pastor Tshwenyana said besides asking God to protect road users, the public should first be aware that time was ripe to seek God the most, repent and pray every day without ceasing and the rest would follow.

For his part, the chairperson of the road safety committee of Jwaneng, Mr Bonakele Nyoni raised concern that although efforts were made to counteract road accidents the situation was not changing, thus the nation should pin its hope on God to rescue the situation.  

Assistant Superintendent Robert Mmese of Botswana Police Service divulged that every year accidents increase.

He said statistics showed that road accidents recorded in 2015 along Trans-Kalahari Highway were 213, and the number increased in 2016 to 248.

Despite the increase in general accidents every year, statistics show that fatal crashes in 2015 were 11 and in 2016 were seven, the lives lost in 2015 were 11 and in 2016 were 10.

“Careless road use is the leading key factor to these accidents and as police, we are trying to raise awareness every day on the road. We have even encompassed highway patrols to help combat this problem,” he said. ENDS

Source : BOPA

Author : Lone Mmusi

Location : MOATLE

Event : prayer session

Date : Feb 27 Mon,2017


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