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Subject can contribute to economy

Design and technology subject has been viewed as a potential subject that when nurtured and taken seriously, can contribute to the economy of the county.

Central region design and technology committee chairperson, Mr Arone Mosepele said during the central region design and technology exhibition held in Serowe on June 1.

Mr Mosepele said there is a need to revive the subject as it is one of the subjects that continuously produce poor results.

 He said as design and technology teachers, it worries them because the subject is practical and an innovative one, but with poor performance it disable them to reach the aspired pillar of vision 2016, a prosperous, productive and innovative nation.

He said involvement of the private sector in promoting the subject will nurture the potential students into becoming entrepreneurs and creative workers in the field of science and technology. 

Mr Mosepele challenged the Ministry of Education and Skills Development to consider making design and technology a core subject because the realization that the nature of the subject enable innovation and has the potential to improve people’s lives.

He further said not only does it improve lives but allow students who are academically challenged to explore their talents and be self-reliant. 

Mr Mosepele urged students to take the subject seriously as it can take them to far places, adding that it is through them that the subject could improve and be taken seriously.

He emphasised the use of already available and used materials like plastic, wood and metal, to conserve resources.

 He said teachers should refrain from contributing to a large percentage in assisting students in their projects, but rather allow them to make their own for accountability and master of their projects.

Mr Letsibogo Ndwapi, employee relation manager at Morupule coal mine said it is their mandate to assist the government in recruiting and exploring potential students into becoming future engineers, business personels and technicians.

Mr Ndwapi urged teachers to impart skills on students, saying the journey should not end at a secondary school but should continue. 

He also applauded the students for their creative works and encouraged them to keep working hard and advised those who did not receive awards not be discouraged but should work harder. ENDS

Source : BOPA

Author : Sethunya Malaakgosi

Location : SEROWE

Event : Regional Exhibiition

Date : Jun 04 Tue,2013


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