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Radimpa ascends the throne

Minister of Local Government and Rural Development has endorsed Mr Sam Radimpa as headman of records for Kgomokasitwa.

The 55-year-old, who would resume duty on June 1, battled for three years to have his name endorsed. The endorsement announcement was made by Kgosi Motladiile Letshabo of Molapowabojang during a kgotla meeting on May 29.

The affirmation by Kgosi Letshabo also brought in a sigh of relief and an end to a three-year-old tussle that pitted Mr Radimpa's camp against the retired Kgosi Mogatle Koboyankwe who did not want to make way for Mr Radimpa.

Mr Koboyankwe wanted his grandchild to take over the reigns, something that irked most of the residents who told him that they would not entertain the idea because the rightful heir had come of age and was therefore ready to assume the position.

During a series of meetings aimed at ironing-out the village chieftainship row, various speakers had stated that the chieftaincy position belonged to Mr Radimpa and that Kgosi Koboyankwe had been holding fort following the demise of Mr Radimpa’s father, Mr Tlhabanelo Radimpa.

The announcement marked the end of the bickering that nearly tore the village into two. The two opposing camps were advised to disband and bury the hatchet so that pertinent developmental issues could be expedited.

A resident, Mr Seize Mogorosi said the government’s approval of Mr Radimpa’s name was more than welcome particularly that, “it has been our wish to have him as our headman.”

Another resident, Mr Mokgethi Lekoba reminded Mr Radimpa of the mammoth task and responsibility that came with his newly acquired status. “You are now not a child anymore and we expect you to exercise wisdom in leading your people,” he said calling on him to look for a wife to settle as per the Setswana tradition.

For his part, Mr Radimpa said the pronouncement was long overdue especially that the position had always been his by virtue of birth. He said closure of the chieftainship row would allow developmental issues that needed immediate attention to be finally attended to. ENDS

Source : BOPA

Author : Mooketsi Mojalemotho

Location : KANYE

Event : Kgotla meeting

Date : May 30 Thu,2013


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