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Orange Letlhafula returns to BotswanaCraft

Botswana is endowed with a variety of traditional indigenous foods and with the country set to celebrate its 50 years of independence in five months, it is apparent that BotswanaCraft will be packed to the rafters on May 7 as people will be looking to have their cultural pallets blown away at Orange Letlhafula.

With most people tipping it to be the most anticipated cultural event in the country, Orange Letlhafula Day has been synonymous with BotswaCraft for a long time and this year it will mark 16 years of existence, with Orange Botswana having jumped on board 13 years ago and going on 14 this year.

Speaking in an interview, sponsorship coordinator at Orange Botswana, Mosarwa Molema, said it was critical for Botswana to teach its young people about culture.

“It is imperative that we do not lose that which defines us as Batswana, our future generations deserve to grow up knowing and appreciating the culture that defines us, thus our participation in this event,” he said.

He further indicated that Orange Letlhafula is aimed at celebrating Botswana’s culture through the showcasing of the different local cultures through music, dance, food and traditional games and each year Batswana come dressed up in their best traditional outfits and spend a day out enjoying the diverse Botswana culture.

“This is what the essence of being a Motswana is,” he chipped in.

Mr Molema went on to say that 700 tickets have been made available and are already available at Botswanacraft and go for P250(adults), P100(kids above 12 years) and kids below 12 years of age get in for free.

“I want to urge people to get their tickets on time because Orange Letlhafula is always sold out and we anticipate the same thing this year,” he said, adding that as Orange Botswana, they are happy to have hosted Orange Letlhafula at Botswanacraft and happy with the response they have had from people over the years.

“We feel the venue is top notch and central for all people to access and the level of professionalism they exhibit is something out of this world,” said Mr Molema.

He further said in addition to traditional games, traditional cuisine and local brew, this year’s event will profile several local artists.

“Mafitlhakgosi is one of the traditional groups that will be at the event and we choose them because we like what they stand for; which is youth empowerment. Kids who could be roaming the streets and contributing to some of this country’s social ills are given a chance to make something of themselves and this is an initiative we totally support,” he said.

“People should also note that since this year is a special year for Botswana, we will have over 50+ of our traditional cuisines and 50+ of artists doing their thing. We will also have Ms Lebo Merafhe to help with the look and feel of how one should be presented in local attire etc,” he continued.

He went on to say that also this year there would be different prizes for people who throng Botswanacraft.

“We will have best dressed female and male, couple, young person and children. We will also have prizes for best poet, storyteller and dancer,” he said, adding that Orange Botswana has for this year sponsored the event with P130 000.

“The sponsorship is such in a way that we renew it every three (3) years and this year it is coming to end, but we will be going to the table to negotiate another sponsorship so as to increase our brand association and brand Orange Letlhafula globally,” said Mr Molema.

Speaking on plans going forward, Mr Molema said they are looking to invite other tribes from the rest of the country to come with their traditional dishes so as to get the opportunity to feature other dishes that people have not had.

“We have also been playing around with the idea of having a cook out of local traditional dishes and we hope to have achieved this around 2017-2020,” he said.

He also said Orange Letlhafula is using technology to promote local cuisines and teach people how to make such.

“For example one will get the chance to see a video of how ginger (gemere) is made, how to cook bogobe jwa lerotse, how to make and preserve jam and we want to make this possible through digital marketing,” he said, also adding that Orange Letlhafula will in future hold regional dance off competitions with winners competing at Orange Letlhafula.

For her part, Botswanacraft representative Ms Sibongile Macala said the food that would be cooked at Orange Letlhafula would be courtesy of Botswanacraft.

“We cook everything and the level of quality of traditional food at Botswanacraft is unmatched,” she said.

She indicated that the exposure to learn is very important and people should bring their kids because a foundation of culture in a child’s upbringing is very crucial.

“Each year the event brings together people of different tribes, races, colour and age to Botswana Craft in celebration of the annual Orange Letlhafula festival. eating, drinking and entertainment are always the order of the day with people getting to sample different dishes from our traditional cuisine, sip on some local brews as well as dance to the various music from all corners of the country,” she said ENDS

Source : BOPA

Author : Omphile Ntakhwana

Location : GABORONE

Event : Interview

Date : Apr 27 Wed,2016


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