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Embrace technology - Masisi

The Vice President, Mr Mokgweetsi Masisi, says he supports modern methods of farming, which can be used for the benefit of many people.

When visiting Langdon Farm near Rasesa in Kgatleng District on June 18, Mr Masisi said Batswana could learn how the method could help the country produce enough vegetables for the market.

He said if the method could be taught other Batswana, the country would experience less imported goods from neighbouring countries such as South Africa and Zimbabwe.

He said it was time Batswana learnt new methods that could save water and land while creating employment and better lives.

The founder and managing director of Langdon organic farm which runs two projects being fodder solutions and go fresh, Ms Michelle Adelman said Botswana has harsh conditions for growing vegetables as the country has only two per cent of arable land.

She said this has led to the inclusion of technology in assisting farmers to grow vegetables in large quantities in a controlled environment. Ms Adelman further said the patented greenhouse they use was all about bringing the best growing technology. 

She explained that the greenhouse allows people to grow vegetables in a controlled environment that help diffuse the sunlight to keep the green house and plants cool.

She added that the technology helps create a much nicer environment for growing as compared to the harsh conditions on the outside. 

She said they produce herbs, cucumbers, tomatoes, lettuce, beans, peas, melons and many other vegetables.  Ms Adelman said they use sophisticated irrigation technology which was computer based and no water was lost as it was captured and used elsewhere in the farm.  She further said she works with a team of dedicated workers who were mostly from Rasesa.

“The work of the greenhouse allows workers to be focused so it does not need a lot of labour as compared to working out in the field,” she stated.

Ms Adelman said this was a new technology which was gaining momentum across the world, and that it helps one to produce more in weather controlled environment.

She said the other project fodder solutions provides a highly sustainable solution for feed production by maximising productive and arable land for grazing and grain production.

Ms Adelman further said fodder solutions provides for limiting irrigation water use as water was lost while at the same time it eliminates harmful pesticides. 

She said fodder was suitable for cattle, pigs, small stock, horses, dairy cattle and poultry. ENDS

Source : BOPA

Author : Booster Mogapi

Location : RASESA

Event : Farm visit

Date : Jun 21 Sun,2015


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