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Batshu opens St Johnís Apostolic Faith Mission headquarters

Minister of Labour and Home Affairs, Mr Edwin Batshu has expressed concern about some registered societies that do not comply with the Societies Act resulting in their deregistration.

Officially opening the St.  John’s Apostolic Faith Mission of Botswana headquarters in Francistown on Saturday, Mr Batshu indicated that a total of 275 societies were deregistered by the Registrar of Societies.


The Act, he said, stipulated that societies, including churches, were expected to compile and submit annual returns but some failed or partially satisfied its provisions.


He applauded St John’s Apostolic Church of Botswana for satisfactorily complying with the Act, and urged the church to continue being responsible.


 “This will earn you a continuation of your good relationship with government,” said the Minister who also urged them to be guided by the church constitution as it pronounced the objectives of the society.


Mr Batshu also noted that lack of understanding of the constitution of the society had stirred conflicts among church members around the country.


“It is through this understanding of the constitution that the church will do its business in terms of the requirements of the law and maintain peace and harmony within itself and society,” he said.


The Minister, also Nkange MP, encouraged continuity of the tripartite partnership between government, private sector and NGOs in order to take the country further. He commended the church for accommodating an education facility in their building saying that showed their direct contribution to an educated and informed nation pillar.


On other issues, he said although some bible scriptures encouraged tithing and offerings as key to the running of the church and empowering the needy, it appeared that such were largely abused and used to disempower people of their hard earned property and finances by a few unscrupulous pastors in some churches.


He, however, commended St John’s church for putting offerings and tithes to good use in line with God’s intention.


Earlier, the founder of the church in Botswana, Archbishop Andrew Ndubano said the building was a testimony that allegations that pastors squander church funds were untrue.


He said in 1986, the church opted to be self-governed and broke away from its mother body headquarters in South Africa. That, he said was because he was dissatisfied that funds from all the branches in Botswana  and other countries in the region were used to only develop the headquarters.


He noted that in an effort to contribute to education in the country, the new church building has six classrooms, head teacher’s office, multipurpose hall and a computer room, adding that they intended to start a senior secondary school.


The church leader also said plans were underway to have a second school; a Fashion Design College. Archbishop Ndubano said that the church, which accommodates 20 000 people, cost P7.5 million with a current market value of P9.5 million.  ENDS 

Source : BOPA

Author : Keamogetse Letsholo


Event : Opening of church headquarters

Date : Apr 01 Mon,2013


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