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Kasane retailers face wrath of law

Several retailers in Chobe District have been fined for failure to keep clean business premises.

This was after cockroaches, rats and cats were found in their kitchens and storerooms. The offenders were charged after various law enforcement agencies in the district embarked on a two-day operation.

During the operation, Kasane Spar Supermarket was fined P3 000 for failure to keep their environment clean in violation of the Food Control Act.  Cockroaches were found in their restaurant and employees were found handling food without medical certificates and personal protective clothing.

The supermarket was also charged after they were found trading with an expired trading licence.  Goods such as meat loaves, fizzy drinks, concentrated fruit juice, maize meal were also found expired and displayed on the shelves.

Hot Bread Bakery was charged for failure to keep the environment clean as bread was prepared under unhygienic condition.  Cockroaches, mice and cats were found in the store room where the flour was kept, additionally food handlers did not have medical examination certificates and some food stuff were expired and the bakery was closed immediately.

Giant retailer, Choppies Supermarket did not fare any better as they too were found guilty of selling damaged products and fined P1 000 and were ordered to remove them from the shelves and dispose them off.

Another retailer, Low Price Store was fined for selling expired items and medicinal products and Sefalana Wholesalers was also fined for selling expired and dented cans of food stuff.

In other offences, a Zimbabwean citizen was charged P1 000 after she was found with eight packets of Madison cigarettes, 16 packets of Kingsgate and 13 packets of Everest cigarettes. 

There were also five cases of Zimbabweans who overstayed in Botswana. Meanwhile, Thebe River Safari Lodge was charged P5 000 for employing two Namibian refugees.

Kazungula police registered offences such as failure to present oneself before immigration officials, working in Botswana without work permits, overtaking at a barrier line, driving without a licence, operating a commercial vehicle without road worthiness certificate.

Pandamatenga police reported offences such as overloading passengers in a public service vehicle, driving without a driver’s licence, driving with un-prescribed plate number, working in Botswana without work permits and employing non-citizens without work permits.

In an interview, senior commercial officer with consumer affairs, Ms Mavis Molapong said the food retail shops inspections were meant to check the quality of goods, looking out for health hazards and ensuring value for money when purchasing them by the consumers.

She pointed out that they found expired cleaning materials, dented goods, damaged canned food and opened braai packs. “These open braai packs are a health hazard to consumers as they generate germs, exposing consumers to diseases,” she said.

The law enforcement agencies included Botswana Police Officer Commanding for Chobe, Senior Superintendent Mojaboswa Mathitha; regional labour officer, Mr Luckson Likokoto; Botswana Defence Force, Botswana Unified Revenue Services (BURS), Labour Department, Department of Wildlife and National Parks (DWNP), Department of Immigration, Tourism, Bye-law (Public health), Consumer Affairs and Forestry departments.  ENDS

Source : BOPA

Author : Gothusang Gasetime

Location : KASANE

Event : Business law enforcement operation

Date : Apr 14 Tue,2015


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