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10 polling districts for Palapye

With a population of about 41 000, Palapye will be sub-divided into 10 polling districts by the demarcation committee, says the committee’s secretary, Mr Silas Mathaka.

This comes after the realignment of the constituency boundary to incorporate Makoro Bricks, Makoro Artificial Insemination Camp and Botswana International University of Science and Technology (BIUST) by the Delimitation Commission

Prior to that Palapye had six polling districts namely Boikago, Morupule, Khurumela, Lotsane, Serorome and Mmaphula.

Mr Mathaka said in an interview that the committee made of 12 members comprising government employees and representatives from various organisations in Palapye was formed in February.

The committee, which is chaired by Independent Electoral Commission (IEC) senior officer, Mr Lebonetse Maifala will this week consult with the Palapye community on how they want polling stations to be established.

“We are a democratic country hence it is important to get people’s views,” he said.

He said oral and written submissions would also be allowed. He added that the committee would proceed to demarcate the boundaries of polling stations bearing in mind the district quota of about 4 000 people.

The quota is determined by dividing the number of inhabitants in an administrative district by the applicable number of polling districts.

After establishing polling districts, he said the demarcation committee would also proceed to identify polling stations within each polling district.

The committee is expected to be dissolved upon submission of its report to the secretary of the IEC for approval. The demarcation exercise comes after the community submitted two proposals to the delimitation commission.

While there was a proposal to divide the constituency into two, there was also a minority view to retain the constituency as one constituency.

The reason put forward for the division of the constituency was that Palapye was growing fast as a result of big projects implemented in the area such as the Botswana International University of Science and Technology (BIUST), Morupule B Power Station and the Glass Project.

The proposal to retain Palapye as one constituency was based on the view that its population did not justify dividing it into two constituencies.

Though surrounding villages such as Radisele, Topisi and Moreomabele access services in Palapye, they were not incorporated into the constituency. ENDS

Source : BOPA

Author : Kgotsofalang Botsang

Location : Palapye

Event : Interview

Date : Mar 25 Mon,2013


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