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Tutume will not be upgraded

The Vice President (VP), Dr Ponatshego Kedikilwe has informed residents of Tutume that their sub-district will not be upgraded to become a fully fledged district.

Addressing a kgotla meeting in response to a delegation of community leaders that was sent to present some developmental issues from the sub district to the President in June, Dr Kedikilwe said the sub district fell within the administrative boundaries of Central District thus upgrading it would not be an easy task.

The VP  explained that government was committed to implementing the recommendations of the Second Presidential Commission on Local Government Structure, explaining that the recommendations included the establishment of additional sub districts, some of which fell within Tutume sub-district such as Sebina and Nata.

Still on the issues that were presented by the delegation, Dr Kedikilwe said Magapatona and Selolwane courts of arbitration were not eligible for upgrading as they fall under the jurisdiction of the Senior Sub-Tribal Authority based in the Tutume main Kgotla.

Dr Kedikilwe further explained that the current arrangement in the country was that there could not be more than one court of record established at various locations within the village outside the main kgotla.

He said the current work load at the Tutume main Kgotla, where there was a Senior Sub-Tribal Authority, a Sub Tribal Authority and a Headman of Record did not warrant the establishment of more courts of records within Tutume.

Dr  Kedikilwe, who is also Mmadinare MP, said the upgrading of the Tutume primary hospital was planned for during the National Development Plan (NDP) 9, but due to financial constraints, projects in the plan had to be reprioritised.

The primary hospital was also included under NDP 10, he however said the project would be revisited as the financial situation of the economy improves.

He also said the Tutume police station was one of the oldest stations in the country and has increased challenges in terms of policing since it provided services to almost 10 villages in the sub district.

The VP said although the police station has 60 police officers and 56 special constables, there were no immediate plans to upgrade the station as a result of the current economic situation.

In his welcome remarks, Kgosi Tapson Madikwe complained of shortage of vehicles, saying since 2008, seven vehicles were boarded and never replaced and as result service delivery was compromised.Kgosi Alphonse Nsala, who was part of the delegation that went to the Office of the President, said there was correspondence to the effect that Magapatona, Selolwane and Mabue wards were upgraded to the position of Court of Record but this was never implemented.

In response, Dr Kedikilwe said if there is any correspondence to the effect of upgrading the three Courts of Arbitration, it was an error on the part of the author because the current arrangement in the country does not provide for Courts of Record outside the main kgotla.

Area MP, Mr Edwin Batshu thanked the VP for personally bringing the responses despite being on vacation leave.

He informed the residents that he would continue pleading with the government that once the economy recovers his constituency should be one of the prioritised ones and will continue making follow ups.

Mr Batshu also handed over cheques amounting to P70 000 for the construction of the Kgotla shelter. ENDS 

Source : BOPA

Author : Keamogetse Letsholo


Event : Kgotla meeting

Date : Jan 11 Fri,2013


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