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Young artist off to Tanzania

He discovered that he was a good wood carver and did not take it light.

In a quest to actualise his dream, he practised several times, different patterns and eventually perfected his shortcomings.

Due to his persevering spirit Gosego Motlogelwa has now gone international and will this week exhibit his works in Tanzania at the World Wood day, an opportunity that was provided by Thapong Visual Arts Centre.

In an interview, the 29-year-old artist from Lerala said he was so elated to have been selected by Thapong Visual Arts Centre to represent Batswana artists at the world acclaimed event.

He said he was looking forward to the event as it will be his first time to represent his country in an international event.

He travelled all the way from Lerala in search of inspiration and landed at Thapong Visual Arts Center in 2010, and he has since blossomed into a woodcarver of repute. Inspired by yet one other local wood carver, Christian Duzo, Motlogelwa said his stay as a Thapong Centre member has seen him grow in leaps and bounds.

This Thursday, Motlogelwa’s art works will be among many other artists who will be exhibiting at the International Day of Forests.

It is at this week long conference that wood carvers will be recognized.The day which also falls on the same day as World Wood Day is aimed at raising awareness on how wood plays a key role for a sustainable future.

The day brings in a cultural approach to realize the concept that wood is good.  It is an annual cultural event that increases awareness of the importance and goodness of wood for the public and wood related industry.

Thapong Visual Arts Centre coordinator Reginald Bakwena said they were happy to send yet another young and upcoming artist to show case Botswana artwork in a platform where there is potential world clientele.

He said not only will Motlogelwa’s acts attract tourists to this country but he will also come with vast knowledge drawn from world acclaimed artists to share with his local artists.

“Motlogelwa will get back to Lerala, his home village and inspire other upcoming artists and Thapong will definitely use him as a focal point in developing the youth,” he said. Bakwena said Thapong was working on a youth development plan, which will give the likes of Motlogelwa exposure and broaden their knowledge.

He said Thapong even plans to get to Lerala through Motlogelwa and get to discover more talent and inspire other upcoming artists to work hard and make a living out of art.

“Thapong has an endeavor to expose those who have never been exposed to go into the international world and start building networks and grow.” He said Motlogelwa comes as one of the Thapong member artists who have had the opportunity such as Lesedi Tshenyago who is a painter and once got an opportunity to exhibit in China and later got a scholarship to study Arts in China. ENDS

Source : BOPA

Author : Segametsi Kebonang

Location : Gaborone

Event : Interview

Date : Mar 18 Mon,2013


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