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BDP should remain party with purpose - Kedikilwe

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Vice President, Dr Ponatshego Kedikilwe has urged Botswana Democratic Party (BDP) members to ensure that the slogan: 'there is no other alternative’ still stands as they approach the 2014 national elections.

Dr Kedikilwe, who was addressing the Gaborone BDP regional congress on Saturday, said as they approach the year 2014, new political tentacles were a must.

“We can exploit the momentum of yester years, but yester years cannot create sufficient lights and vision and vista for the future political avenue. New political tentacles are a must,” he said.

Also, he said BDP as a party of stature, should ensure that the roadmap the party laid during the 2009 elections was achieved.

In 2009, he said the party, through the manifesto, promised to serve Batswana, hence members should take stock of themselves to evaluate whether they were still implementing what was laid in the manifesto.

Further, he encouraged members and the leadership to evaluate whether the party structures have been shaped and formed to appreciate current political mood and the landscape.

Dr Kedikilwe said the BDP should maintain its internal stability and be a party with purpose, adding that the principle of unity was the foreword of the party manifesto.

He also commended the Gaborone region for finding means of rejuvenating in the absence of party retreats.

Again, Dr Kedikilwe implored party members to be loyal and work hard so that the party could realise its objectives of growth and stability and thus continue to rule.

Gaborone West South MP, Mr Botsalo Ntuane reminded members that they were faced with challenges of ensuring that BDP retained power in the next general elections.

Mr Ntuane also challenged members to work hard and find ways of increasing membership and to also make resolutions to submit to national council to be held on March 15-17.

He said Gaborone should take a lead in coming up with better policies and resolutions from which other regions should copy.

The MP also argued that a shift or alignment of constituency boundaries had affected some of the constituencies hence the need to register new members.

Gaborone region chairperson, Mr Bontsi Monare expressed concern about the party’s improper channels of communication, which he said might incite disputes among members and the party’s regional leadership.

He further cautioned Gaborone region members and fellow democrats to be receptive and act responsible on issues that affected the lives of Batswana such as education, citizen economic empowerment and sustainable energy issues.

The regional congress discussed issues around Bulela Ditswe to reflect on its pros and cons in a bid to ensure a minimum level of conflict between candidates and the party to allow for a smooth campaign season.

The congress was attended by delegates from five constituencies in Gaborone as well as regional representatives from Kweneng, Southern and South East to observe proceedings of the day. ENDS

Source : BOPA

Author : Mmoniemang Motsamai

Location : Gaborone

Event : regional congress

Date : Mar 03 Sun,2013


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